Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flow Dan Vs Wiley Battle of the Granddads

I caught up with Wiley Around East London to catch some recent pictures (below)

Wiley Outside some chipshop (who ate all the pies?)

Now it’s nearly a full 2years (exactly 2years tomorrow) since Wiley released his album ‘Treddin on Thin Ice’ but what the hell has he done with his time? Been late constantly, not showing up to events he’s booked for, choosing ££ over real decent events! I was listening to Logan’s show last night & It isn’t just me who thinks this. Wiley has ‘2nd phaze’ coming out 4weeks ago (apparently its out soon), and he expects us to go out and buy it when he cant even be bothered to turn up to one of the best grime shows on radio! Free exposure! He doesn’t help himself at all! No wonder after years of trying, he still isn’t going anywhere. (I’m blatantly going to buy his album)

Wiley when i tried to get him to run for a bus (thank you to whoever sent us this beautiful cartigan to keep our grandpapa wiley nice and warm)

I heard about Ms Dynamite dropping her Mix tape soon (knowing my luck its an album. Aren’t any of you confused these days…? With all these people crying over if we call it a mix tape, album. What’s the difference?) Anyway! To be honest I’ve heard a couple tracks and its not that good. I loved when she was spitting back in the day and then I got all excited when she dropped ‘a little deeper’ and it was all this weird singing/rapping. I don’t even know what she was trying to achieve but it’s just too late to be giving us what we wanted in the first place. “ A little darker bit too late”. Levels have moved on and up! And after all this controversy about her going on like a sulking baby and getting chucked out of a nightclub! It just annoyed me seeing as all she seemed to do before was preach about “No Violence, Stop the Gun Crime” and what does she do? Attack a police officer. HYPOCRITE!

Scorcher – ‘Simply The Best’ is out the first week of May (NOT 28april)

Like most people, on a boring Sunday morning I love to watch T4. But due to the increasing features and imagery of a little 2foot tall annoying brat aka Lady Sovereign, I have decreased my viewing. I have started to log the times she appears on my television & magazines/ computer screen, so that I can have more evidence towards my court case against her. (P*ssed! Know one told me that there wasn’t a law against begging little girls who suck d*ck to get their 3year old nursery rhymes signed to labels) SOON come Tony Blair.

Some random man put a nail gun to his head while he was on methadone. He had 12 nails, 2 inches long stuck inside his head. He only realised when he kept having headaches. He escaped permanent damage. Learn your lesson! Don’t get high on pills, crack or heroin! Unless the nail gun is fully put away in the toolbox!

Talk to Frank… Laugh with Hyper

Wiley inside Stratford Rex, getting searched for a badman gat or crack! (he told me to appoligise to logan for not turning up last night he was playing checkers with flowdan and his mobility mover wasnt charged up, cause he used it up on one driveby he done on lethal b. )

one more thing! was Logan trying to rub it in last night with his constant mention of his myspace and how he only adds people who have something to do with Grime! P*ssed!! ive still got hope though. i sent him an add about 4months ago. he must just be busy with his show and that. i forgive you.

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