Monday, April 17, 2006

"I do this so Easy, Its like im Getting P's for Speaking Typing"

Well HELL YEAH im so hyped today my 'FRIEND' brought these sick glasses i kno bare people got them but i managed to blag my way into teefing them off of her! but i want black ones! OHHH YEAAAAH...! Ive finally finished writing my Review of 'FUCK RADIO Vol.2' which had to be done because it was kinda decent! but there was some big flops! but neway thats for one NEXT TIMEEE! ahh im so hungry and i cant be bothered to go on one long journey to see if Mc Ds is open lol DAMN YOU BANK HOLIDAYS!! i recon i literally have :

PISSED! i need to make myself a skill! ill listen to peoples tracks for £1 and tell you the BLATENT truth! anyone interested you know where to drop a comment! lol actually fuck it... £1.20.. im home now so all them people who wanna tell me if this looks anything like LADY FURY having sex in a field download it > Here for those who just wanna watch some duttynesssss! with some wack boys who think there 'TOP MCs' click Here .

Just in.. Couple Interviews and freestyles from some show off of MTV2 ( fuck knows why this never featured on mtv base, cos we all know mtv2 is for random music that no1 listens to *middle finger I show them*) these clips where taken from a documentary about GRIME in New York .. with artist like Kano, Jme, Skepta .. etc.. Interviews and Freestyles to be found at

That people are getting DRAMATIC about people calling their 'albums' mixtapes, well.... CALM DOWN DEAR.. what is the actual difference? the most you can get away with charging with a mixtape is £10 if your a biggg artist where as albums put an extra £5 on top of that people are SLY .. aslong as people are listening to you mate.. THEN ... boiii YOU SHOULD be happy! but im kinda glad people are upping the levels and going on like REAL artists! because all these basic lyrics/ flows are driving me crazyier than a schizo whos all out of prozac!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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