Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Its a shammmmmeeee... that lethals back"

Well for some CRAZY reason im on Knucklez Top8 ? wow ... might have something to do with him only having like 20 friends on there! BUT neway that doesnt PHAZE ME! i might aswell buy myself a whole new outfit to celebrate! .... does TOM send me a special certificate in the post or some sort of medal?
i got exposed on RWD forum aswell didnt realise i made such an impact at the Ears Mixtape Launch... never knew i looked THAT good either .. i thought i merged into the crowd!

Has anyone Noticed the mixtape/ album covers OR whatever im suppose to be calling them of Boy Better Know!? well ill tell you... I HAVE! as a graphics designer i am pretty much distraught ! as BIGGG artists like Jme,Wiley, Tinchy Stryder and soon to be Skepta are dropping these UGLLLY covers. Ill admit it was all good when SHHUT YUH MUT vol1 come out! i could handle that but the handle bloody 'label' dropping these swagish covers! i mean COME ON! yeahyeah i no whats on the mixtape/ album is more important ! BUT it just looks so unprofessional looks literalyl like you literally downloaded photoshop 2hours before the covers had to be printed but had an hour and 55min drive to the printing shop!

Standard & Simple

The bigman Wiley with this cover ? I expected some SICCCCK cover! FLOP!! SHMALL DISAPOINTED.

Taking the PIZZLE! Wackest cover i seen since Tinchy covered 'Up Town Girl'


Well like most dedicated GrimeLovers will know that Skeptas Dropping a mixtape.. *receives a private caller* ok ok... an ALBUM under the Boy Better Know Label. So i thought right let me ty and PREDICT the future and pull out 'this is one i done earlier' ( YES i do have a Blue Peter Badge 'AND WHAT') now to do this you have to have photoshop and stick to the BOY BETTER KNOW rules.

Firsty : Pick out ANYYYY picture from the net or your saved pictures.

Then.. use a GRADIENT ( which is a button where colours merge together)

Get your Logo ( today im using BOYBETTERKNOW) and outline it with 'STROKE' n then outline your picture aswell.. just blob it down anywhere in the center will do.

SET TIME : No more than 5minutes (Any longer would be STTTUPIIID)

Hypers result: (took me 2 minutes and 32seconds)

WOW! it looks great! ill be expecting Boy Better Know to be contacting me soon to buy that design off me !! ANDDD WHATT!!

News: Lethal 'i got 3ribs removed to suck my own dick' Bizzle is releasing is new Video '22grand job'.. its just a lesson to all people who cant mc.. and just enjoy being big headed, arguing over pies, screaming LETHAL BIZZLE PRODUCTIONS and going on like you have the best crew in the uk! which is blatent bull shizzle unless Firecamp was from swansea! Then they would be the best crew in their 'ENDZ'. In this Track Lethal shows his FULL talent of different tones of screaming.. No Lethal i will NOT give you my fucking money! I recon thats what he does when he tries to jack you ..... GIVE ME YOUR MONEYYY! lol id give it quick time to stop him 'mcing' , fuck it ill even drop in my ipod if he stops recording altogether.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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