Sunday, April 23, 2006

The only time your between a girls legs, is when your getting your hair cainrowed

There i was, in sainsburys putting my shopping on the check out till, the shop assistance asks if i need packing politely & i smoothly said " no thanks i got two hands, ill b ok " so i continue to the area where you pack it , get a back out and the guy on the check out asks me again. "you sure you dont want help with packing.." i look up, and this man has one Offffffffkey hand. " oh i bet you love a bit of shopping , dont you , dont you , oh i bet you do .." *trys not to stare at hand*. im not being raw but how would this guy with some -different- hand expect to help me with my shopping. Fair enough if your hands amputated or its disabled but why over ask me if i need a 'hand' if literally he only has one? ( it wasnt even like that ugly hand from scary movie 2 it just looks like he was constantly cockhanded .... shmall deformed wing )

Has anyone Seen June Sarpongs new look? that is one serious weavage shes calmed down the makeup but that weave looks like its taken over her head! shmall headpiece.

News: About the new 'Duppy' track from skepta, apparently i hear that hes not releasing it on video seeing as it was suppose to be filmed live at 'Straight out of Bethnal' But seeing as its unsure of when the next one will be from trouble with location, he might aswell not long it out and just move on and get on with releasing his Album. Although knowing the grime scene im sure it will be out 'in the next couple of weeks' aka in a years time.

Kylie Minogue showed of her shmall blad head.

Wileys album .. mixtape or whatever it is was suppose to be out last week but apparently due to some misshap with printing the covers or some lame excuse its out & available this Monday (24 April)

Tim Westwood's dads a vicar (his dads proberly about 109 seeing as westwoods like 60)

You go to selfridges! you get hungry.. you grab the menu! £85.50 for a standard sandwich! *runs to Mc donalds* "Mc Chicken Sandwich please" The cheek....

Does anyone think that Ghetto had a slight fear of the dentist?

Been Loving one track recently its a bit old but its features Jme, Wiley, Cookie & Tempa T download it Here.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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