Tuesday, April 11, 2006

" What YOU waiting for?.....Bird Flu?...Getme "

Originally uploaded by Hyper29.
BREAKING NEWS: Since these pictures have been taken it has been announced to me straight from the grimehead himself in his hospital bed .. " i got fucking bird flu from the stuuuupid chickens, getme!!". it all started when Mc BRUZA,who is a member of the crew AFTERSHOCK GETTTTTTT ME... bought some random chickens from some random farm.. cos apparently having FARM ANIMALS in the center of London is the new BIGGG thing?!!? anyway he bought the chickens and thought it would be a badman action to open his own burger shop.. 'YA-GET-ME-BURGER' and i suggested maybe using the eggs as a nice side order or to throw at random people who dont shut up with their 'getme' jokes (rolls eyes NOW COME ON BRUZA them jokes ARE SOOOOO LAST YEAR) get me?... but he INSISTED that he wanted to use them to make cupcakes... what a fuckin fairycake he is! so now all that rolling around in bird shit gave the fucker bird flu .... *passes him wileys mobile number* dont worry wiley will hook you up with a kleenex for your cold- ahhhh poor bruza ... must of been a 'shock - after' all that .. that wileys joinin firecamp.... i guess its cos lethal B is resembling PINGU more & MORE every bloody time i see a him... guess they both need to block themselves in that iglu and have a GOOD TALK!! all this cussin between the both of them is giving me a FUCKING headache.. GET OVER IT HE STOLE YOUR 'AIRPIE' BAR i swear your both like 30 GET OVER IT!!!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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