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Your Bredrins say "Oh Shit" when they see my tracksuit blog// Their like Jme's Hypers Nang//

Mizz Beats is heating up the bass lines and has more Mc’s ringing up her phone, begging to vocal her beats than wileys been dropped from record labels. This laid back young talent hailing from East London, has been making music from as young as 10 and has had a great influence from close family members who all love and are involved in making music. I personally first heard her productions a year or two ago unintentionally on D-double-e’s ‘Signal’. Only from actually interviewing her, Is when I discovered that she had produced it!

Mizz Beats, First name Iman, is best known for shaking up the ‘biggest midget in the game’ Lady Sovereign’s tight side pony tail in the remix of ‘Hoodie'. Which also featured showermen Skepta, Ears, Jammer, Jme and south little miss Baby Blue. She re-evented the whole track from a skatty, 'cant wait for my ipod batterys to run out', chavish council estate sounding flow. To a track that would get any human body vibing with spasms of eagerness to get their gun fingers out while simultaneously running down to JD for their newest Adidas tracksuits.

Now it’s not often that a young beauty gets through the cracks of a male dominated world of Grime. As it’s hard enough for anyone to be able to go to a Grime rave, and not leave with bruises all over your arms and face from flying elbows and gun fingers. This should be seen as a big stepping stone that young woman have the talent to get through and not be questioned about their sex, but simply if their button pressing and creativity is up to scratch. Now this isn’t an invitation for all you begging females who think they have talent! Seeing as most of you wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of one of the best producers in the Scene.

I caught up with Mizz beats, who seemed to be holding on tighter to her new exclusive projects than a crack whore with a 20pence piece.


What have projects have you been involved in lately?
You'll have to wait and see, but i'm gonna be on a few albums

What area of London are you originally from?

What do you call it? Garage? What dya call it 2step? What do call it grime? Well tell us what u call it then..?
I just call it music man

What music would you say you’re representing?
I don't represent or belong to anything but music.

How long have you been producing for?
I've been making music since i was about 10. I mean my dad is a bass player, my uncles were in a band, my grandad is a rock guitarist, so i don't think it was anything i discovered, i think music pretty much discovered and chose me. i found it more natural seeing as i was surrounded by people making music to go into the production side of music rather than others who choice to mc , sing or dj.

Do you play any instruments, mc or dj?
I play the piano & i write songs.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up, and did they have a big effect on you production wise?
well my parents r huge jazz fans so i grew up hearing alot of that and rare groove & soul..but i was always listening to hip hop from before i could talk, but when it was like 92/93 times i started gettin into the music heavily, and thats when i heard swv first and thats when R&B as we know it 2day really started..and i suppose throughout the 90's hip-hop & R&B continued to educate my ears. But i'd have to say that some of my main influences tend to be producers: Jimmy jam & terry Lewis, Quincy Jones, The Isley Brothers, The Neptunes, Dre, Swizz Beats i could go on forever..

A lot of producers would like to no what equipment and set up you use?
yea everyone asks me that. It's not really something that i like to talk about, i mean i can tell you that 'signal' and 'saw it comin' were made on fruityloops but i've since moved on and no longer use that program!

Is there any equipment that you have had trouble with and would recommend producers not waste their time on?
Ummm no i havnt had any bad experiences as yet.

Do you feel there is a lot of hype about you being female in a mostly male line of work? And what would you say to other aspiring female producers?
I'd like to think that the hype is just because my music sounds good haha. I know quite a few female producers actually. I think that there’s enough room for all of us producers male or female at the end of the day we all have something different to offer! Terrah can't do what jammer does just like Dre can't do what Timbaland does and vice versa!

How did you go about promoting yourself before you got more well known?
I was lucky, i didnt have to proomote myself, the first i did that ever got released was 'signal' and everything else came from that.

Is there any plans for any production collaborations?
yea theres a few things that i cant really talk about but you'll see later this year! Apart from that i'll be pretty much working with everyone.

You’ve obviously worked with the likes of skepta, jammer and jme who are also good producers themselves, but have you got any plans to work with any producers,mcs or singers outside of London?
Yea like i said i've got alot of big collabo's coming out later this year and quite a few are from across the water so look out.

You produced the hoodie remix.. which is hyping up your name even more.. whats your opinion on the 'banning' of hoodies?
I am totally anti forbidding or banning anything that doesn't harm anybody and i beleive everybody has the right to wear what they want to.

Do you think its important for the Uk Acts to work with artists out of the Uk? Like across the pacific, in America?
Most definatly. When Lethal Bizzle done a collaboration with Twista and the Kray Twins pushes the sound into new ears

Are you actually apart of the Jah Mek The World / Neckle Camp?
Personally i'd say i'm a solo act, i reckon it's just jammer that i'd call my musical relative, you know i look at jammer as family. But yeah jah mek da world and i are affiliates. Do look out for Ears tho, he's a good friend of mine and i think he's one of the best out there.

Whats your favourite track of all time to skankout to?
No way can i pick one umm i'm more of a chill at home and listen type rather than a skanker so if i had to name a few tunes i like to chill to i'd say anything by: The Isley Brothers, Amel Larrieux, Toni Braxton, Teedra Moses, NERD.

Have you got an official website that people can find more information about you?
one is getting built as we speak but for now.

Mizz Beats Myspace


Conclusion: Shes over Professional! Honest! but loves to keep them secret exclusives for Chantelle Fiddy "PISSED!"

First time listeners: Need to listen to 'Saw It Comin' Featuring Wiley, Jammer, Ears, Jme & Sier BIG TUNE

Written (including Interview)

By Hyper


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