Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interview with Wretch 32

Hyperfrank meets Wretch 32

Now, if I told you a couple of months ago that the number 32 would become such hype in the secluded world we call the grime scene. You would be asking me what I was smoking, and where about you can get your hands on it. Although ever since F*ck Radio Vol.1 dropped a while back, the questions switched from my drug habits to "Whos this boy Wretch?", "What does he think about Pat Butcher's Earrings?" and "Why has he randomly got 32 at the end of his name". Calm down dear its only a number, but for all you crazy obsessed number people, hypes here to settle the score.

Wretch 32 who proudly steps up as a North Londoner, describes his flow as "Impeccable" some would disagree. Unless they have actually had the opportunity to hear his overly serious mix tape Learn from my mixtape and I'm even sure Jme would be much proud of the level of seriousness accomplished. Stepping away from the petty beef dubs that many mc's seem to concentrate their whole life around, Wretch has been determined on making tracks. Taking real life experiences for example trying to express to a girl the effects of a long term relationship in 'Used to be' to 'Itching to see us fall', that tells the stories of people that seem to focus on the negatives to get people flopping. Concentrating his views on the actions and consequences of life, From strapping up , Drugs , women and general havock that life throws at you Learn from my mixtape could be good potential for the first gospel of grime?

Since first hearing him on F*ck Radio with the likes of Ghetto, Slicks & Scorcher although standing out with his different phrases and flow. I personally thought his bars werent on the steal side, more like rusting over so hard it could'nt hold a tooth pick let alone a flow. Although after hearing so much positive reviews from other critics I took the plunge and passed over my £5.99.

This was the first incident that began my obsession with Mr. 32. Its proving that Wretch & The Movement are making some higher levels in the mixtape & grime scene. Asked what separates him from the rest he spits out about 100answers "Voice, Flow, Clarity of delivery, choice of words and constructive sentences" combining more of a concentration of HipHop's more constructive lyrics and real life issues that he has been first hand to.

He actually makes some sick tracks, which takes some skill i wont deny, he definatly has proven himself. With a scrabble bag full of bars that even a prison would be envious of, it might be your front door that the bars will be banging down next, if you dont grab his mixtape while you can.

Hypers QQR - Quick Question Round

What area/crew are you representing? The whole of UK....North London to be precise. (Combination Camp & The Movement)

What Projects have you been involved in lately? My own mixtape, The Movements mixtape as well as working with a lot of other artists.

When was the last time Ghetto visited the dentist? The other day still.

Whos been your favourite artists to work with? Too much to mention but everyone on my mixtape.

Im writing a petition to get slicks mole removed will you sign it? Ill ask him first he might be too ruff for that.

Have you clashed any big names in the game? Im not really here for that, the only thing they can clash is their colour codes.

What artists do you think are slacking in the scene? Anyone who hasnt recorded more than 50 songs, all of a high standard.

Whos your favourite character from eastenders & why? Johnny Alan...reminds me of myself in my younger days.

Whats/whos holding back the grime movement? The name for a start and the violence but thats always gonna happen.

How do you go about promoting yourself? Internet, radio, magazines, building up a road hype. When there werent a demand for me I was giving out CDs for free.

Whats your opinion on people downloading yours and others artists music? If you honestly aint got the money then do what you have to do but if you wanna keep hearing good quality music you have to invest in it.

What lyric/phrase would you say is your trademark? Im Wretch Yeah, Im gonna flow like Wretch Yeah......

What producers have you worked with? Chunky, Scorcher, Y.Wiz, Stik Man, Issues & L, Lefty, Bubbles, Merlin...I look for quality rather than names.

Who do you think in the Grime scene performs the best live? Ghetto, JME & Crazy Titch

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene? Trim, J2K, Roadside & TMT

If you could live without Music or Sex? What would it be? Sex...i can still buss in music.

Do you think pat butchers ear rings could be a hot new look for the grime scene? Nah but her reputation could, shes been round the block a few times.

Explain your name? Wretch means many things, i.e my weight and attitude. 3 & 2 are just lucky numbers.

====================> ======> ===>

Hypers Verdict on Wretch32: A down to earth charector, Wretch has been by far been the nicest, so freely to help kind of person! I love him! Not like other RUDEEEEEEEEEEE artists! who i wont name! lol well course i will just not at this present moment!

Hypers Verdict on Learn from my Mixtape: More Gangster than Sincere

Tracks to put on repeat:

01 - Trapective

04 - Used to be Feat: Scorcher,Ghetto & Mercston

07 - Can't Say Sorry

09 - Can't be life Freestyle

10 - Itching to see us fall Feat: Ghetto

13 - Have Mercy

18 - Bad Day Feat: Cell22

24 - Speak to teach all the youth

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Mixtape Available at :


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I like wat wretch32 is doin definately one of th best grime artists lyrically his mixtape is different influencial and in addition is good meaningfull music hes doin it big for north london man hes gonna blow BIG soon i meen he alredy got a name get me anyway peace fam!

  2. Anonymous3:58 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    what a shitty interview
    lack of good questions
    pissed of man

  4. I apologize since I did do this interview back in 06 I didn't really have much to ask or a clue.


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