Friday, May 05, 2006

Let me see them Gun Fingers Afro Combs

You know, when your so bored that you just feel the only thing that could entertain is if you ran outside with a HUGE water balloon and saw how high you could make it bounce on your trampoline. Well 4foot... for all those who are bad at mathmatical measurements its about half as high as Tempz High Top(Tempa T) he said i can call him that seeing as were tighter than Slicks & his asthma pump.

Saw some pictures a while back with jammer! as he gone hairdressers or something cos he looks much better with it all fixed back plaited up! actually you know what im not even gonna attempt to figure out what the hell you'd call what style hes got his hair like.. just look for yourself..

Notice the beautiful flowing curls in his dreds. Thats definatly a Curling Tong job! Well he surprised us all with his expertise in hair and beauty maybe this is the REAL Jammer:

what if instead of this 'big man' image he tries to get people to believe, was actually the real jammer.. maybe 'Murkle Man' lyrics would be a little different..

Who isit?

Its the Make-up, Man//

Never gonna flex like Revlon, Man//

Come to your endz & curl that, Man//

All for the frizz & Perming, Man//


IN all hyper record shops SOON i promise

I was distraught (crying and everything) when i discovered that Knucklez had taken me QUICKTIME off of his top 8! since id made such a hype about it before being such a big occasion. He just started chating to me.. no surprise seeing as i am the most fabulous person that could grace anyones MSN! Well we was chating about radnom things and then it randomly mentioned his mixtape and he was loving it. getting all happy, so i asked him bare questions like who features on it: Jammer, wiley, ears amongst several other names. but LADY SOVEREIGN! that knucklez is 'konkers'. i was getting excited seeing how many tracks Jammer would bully him to get on but i was shocked. hes just on ONE TRACK! just the one.. single.. une.. uno. i know people.. it was a f*cking shock. because we all know how eager jammer is!

oh yeah apparently...


$48 knuCklez ·$21 Im A Producer Now Lol R.I.P Slinger says:
ur a joka


ive lost count with the amount of best friends i have. dont worry knucklez your number 14!

still waiting to be put back on his top 8 though



nothing else

im not called... HYPERFRANK...

i just didnt no what else to use seeing as some headlice licker had taken 'Hyper'

so stop all this HYPERFRANK business...

im Hyper...



  1. sorrry hyper,
    won't do that mistake again!
    hope you'll have a great weekend.
    / ida (not idafrank)

  2. this is the (second) best blog in the entire world.

    Or maybe I'm jus happy cos there's a Will n Grace Marathon on living toaday.

    Me and you are kinda like will n Grace innit hypes?

    Or maybe not.


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