Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The streets just sound like music, cause kids are recording criminal records & the police are the beats

Hes back...You know! well i dont know about his ticket fine prison sentence situation but his 'Simply the best' mixtape dropped the other day and since im like every other grime fan i have to get the money and then buy it! dont i get a free copy for all my 'love' i show? "NO!" F*ck you then . This is definatly hot sh*t! set to be better than Wretch's which is going to be HARD So if any of you have got any feedback drop me a comment and tell me how you thought it PLEASE! I BEG YOU

I've got alot for you today! you know, i secretly love myspace bulletins, i search through the crap every bloody day and you know what i feel like a dum beatle but yesterday i actually found something DECENT! Mtv going on like NO ones heard of Lord of the Mics. i downloaded it and UPLOADED it just for you!

DAMN YOU STUPID YOUTUBE its takinnng long! so let me just upload it to yours faithful

While Jme is not making beats, not designing tshirt, not updating his myspace fanatically & not Bmxing! hes being secretly making a new venture to add to his empire of talents. The biggest exclusive this year to come to the hyper blog is:

Miss Smith *passes lollypop* shut yuh mout?

Talking of Jme and his ventures, who thinks that:


For all those who love grime and live out in the haystacks Out of London heres your opportunity to play apart in dancing like a spasticated dildo of course with your gun fingers out otherwise you'd just like, look soooo [skepta]Stuuuuuupid[/skepta]

i set people the link in the blog below this one to Sway - Products, but has anyone realised that, the singer on the track looks the splitting image of DAVINCHE well take away the long cainrow and your there.

I NEARLY JUST P*ssed myself with excitement this JUST in on hypernews.. theres been a strange object flying about with gun fingers! isit a bird with dreds? isit Jamaican airlines ? well how am i suppose to know.... do i look like i have time to waste... ok i do...

CNV00018 copy

Sh*t wrong picture.....

Now prancehall said that skepta joining myspace was a reason for a party in itself but.. dred man JAMMER! thats news of the DECADE! who am i kidding this will be in history school books for our children to read! it will have a full insider information with pictures of jammer loading up his pictures and reading his comments/messages and maybe if they have to have a sentence about the iraqi war and how americas run by one Willy wonker other than that i think they should dedicate a whole term on the topic!Tony Blair you better be reading! this is what the youth want! Press the Who isit image and it will take you straight to his myspace.

Prancehall was cuming in his knickers with excitement

Another new member to myspace is J2K add him or ill brick your house. thanks

Aww ive got so much to show you lot but... it will have to wait for another time..

Battle of the funniest videos will comence soon prancehall... SOON....

UNTIL THEN...... neckle up your desktop background RIGHT HERE


  1. Yon know I don't need no fillets to fill mines. My breasteses game is on POINT!


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