Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That boy there --> Start banging him// Straps, Chains Start jacking him//

Over the last week ive been having some strange dreams. Not ordinary dreams, or nightmares about random things. But i think my love for grime has gone a little too far. Jme seems to be taking over my dreams NO LIE! one night im shopping in a department store and hes trying to convince me to buy a smooth chocolate brown leather sofa (SORRY leather sofas just gets too chilli) and last night im dreaming about JME & me rollerskating and racing on some random road (children DONT skate on the road, its illegal - i think) i WON by the way! rollerblades are just magical! jme your old school skates just arent matching up to my talent!

Does anyone remember back when Lethal B was a decent Mc? i know its hard kiddies but think hard and tough about this. Before the screaming, before the repetitive 'lethal bizzle productions' over a whole track, before the anoying individuals who thought it would be fun to make several tracks from vocally trying to resemble a gun shot.

" who see them more fire boys? "
" them boys are chichi you no! "
Baited up on their own track
Check out More Fire Crew - oi it is a classic
Also check out Neekos DIRTTTYYY hair cut! what on earth was he thinking "oh it wont matter if i take my curlers out 2seconds before we go on video" YOU MUPPET!

" Man Say were not worth £50 "

To be correct i wouldnt waste 50p on your tracks

For all the Wiley fanatics

alot of people have been confused aswell! about the random OI track being on the 'album' .. mixtape or whatever! but whatever floats your boat!

News: All my moaning was successful as LOGAN has now excepted me as a 'friend' on myspace. but we all no its more than that! next on the cards... ill be 'frank' ... MARRIAGE.... wow logan and me will have a little talk about the reception because i really dont think the first dance should be over murkleman. but we all know how jammer loves to jump up on stage and give about 50 reloads to his own track! but ill update you on that! maybe we could film the event and get skepta to release it as his 'DUPPY' video.. just a thought.

Skepta was just wanting to send me the duppy track through myspace but he ACCIDENTLY let it out on a bulletin. he hasnt fixed it though but just letting you all know that he loves me more than you.. but you might aswell go download it on skepta's myspace.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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