Monday, May 15, 2006

When im like Chantelle Give me a Massage she aint too eager, She tells me her hands hurt.


Boy Better Know - I want a Free Copy

Hear Tracks from Poomplex on the New myspace here

For all the Boy Better Know lovers, fans , haters 'POOMPLEX -Edition2' is dropping soon whether you like it or not. Check Prancehalls blog for people discussing how wileys got BULLIED into letting Jme designing his album cover!


My Little interpretation

People love giving other people credit for my jokes! im not complaining im great! so i dont blame you...
I saw Msdynamite the other day she was chating to BigMo from eastenders which i thought was kinda odd. I overheard her trying to shot off some of her 'a little darker Sh*tter' mixtapes for 99p, telling Big Mo that she could sell them as things to keep tables even rather than wobbling everywhere. Big Mo wasnt having none of it .. but i thought this was a great chance to grab a picture of Msdynamite with all her earnings from her units .. the whole 4 of them.


Watch that Grin she looks HAPPY for herself


Got a letter through the other day saying that a girl who took the name of Chantelle Fiddy has put a restriction order on me i cant go half a mile near her or ill end up in prison! Chantelle whats all that about? all i did was break into your flat, steal some of your underwear, a copy of rwd and hattie's mobile number so i could give it to my good old pal Styleslut. I didnt think you would mind! i even rubbed my feet on the mat so i wudnt get your flat muddy. Looks like ill have to save up for Binoculars!

- Sway's released his NEW video for Products check it out here. This Track is going to be big for Summer its got that kind of 'sit back in your car bopping your head with the windows down, going 2mph' of vibe

Today i am mostly Hyper About My Exams Finished:

LONG exams ARE OVER! it was long and tiring, but i finished my graphics exam just in time! i had to design packaging & imagery for an Asian brand who wanted to come to England to sell ranges of spices from across the asian continent! i blagged it completly!



Done loads of different countries & spices but this is just one of them! it had to be traditional and simple!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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