Monday, May 08, 2006

Yeah you might see me at raves// But if you F*ck with me, i'll leave you black, white, yellow.. just like sugababes//

I feel like a superstar ive been getting crazy fanmail in the post even people throwing their underwear at me in the street. "Calm down dear, its only a commercial Blog".

Close friends of mine will know that i really am not a fan of cheese. In fact i HATE it, with a passion. Its just too much, the taste is like sicken milk. Talking of an overdose of fromage, Eurovsion. What THE HELL was the pathetic individual thinking who chose Englands representation. Its like they thought lets just give them the most cockney looking white middle aged twat from manchester, who looks like he just got off the set from eastenders. Helping Martin Fowler sell his fruit n veg at bargin prices. Its not like we have any talented 'mc's/rappers' (if you can call him that) in the UK. NO NO its not like we have a whole 'underground' scene waiting to 'spit' into the mainstream frying pan of what the industry calls 'commercial'. Oh well might aswell go and pick out a random guy from .. * randomly puts finger down on map of England* ....Manchester.. we'll make him put on a fake american accent. WHAT THE HECK.. we'll make him dance about like hes been guzzling down half of happyshoppers stock of cida n stellas.

Ears - Oh My Days
Apart from the Anoying random Slow Mo in the middle of the chorus that ruins the whole track. Mr hands, shoulders, knees and ...ears tries to blatenly rip off the famous 'garage' track Daniel Bedingfield - i gotta get through this. Not the beat, not the lyrics, but just the exact same vocal singing.. like the same rhythm. i repeated it like 20times BLATENT TEEF
Download the video here
or just listen to the clip with the robbery here


I had another Grime dream, this time it involved YES YOU GUESSED IT... Chantelle Fiddy. We were best friends (no new news there!) & she took me to interview some random mc in some dusty flat, i went to the bathroom and turned on the light and there was this eligent bathroom. IT WAS FAB... there was more but its all a bit too inner to my business.

Logan and me are going to drop the date for our marriage, we sent off for the marriage license. but my baby logan isnt too sure if he'll be able to turn up because its on the monday. so he might miss the wedding night. im sure jammer will entertain me.. he'd entertain a goldfish.. only im sure they wouldnt get bored cos i heard they have memorys of about 5seconds.

Today i am mostly Hyper about ....

Mr Wong - Who is he Video see it here


  1. it wasn't that bastard who sings about being back at school, was it? i saw him on richard and judy once - i think he's the only man in the country still wearing faded denim jackets..

  2. Shit cuz, email me with the full details... I had one about you the other night, climbing in my window with a pigeon on your head and a roll of cling film in your hand. Some serious shit. On the subject of Bedders, have you heard JME's special of AWOH I think it is which uses Gotta Get Thru This? Weighty like the new Plague and Merkston collabo


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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