Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You might get scorched with a metal // you might get left dead on your front porch on a level

Well who knew it, i just never saw it coming. It was such a shock to me , to my friends, family it just come out the blue.. who knew there was a toilet in 'kathy's cafe'. i'll be preparing the next episodes with a pillow by my side! Because shocks like that are not for the faint hearted!

Still not much news.. well! POOMPLEX is out 5th June! but i dont even know if i can afford that seeing ive got some unbelievable amount to pay off on a phone bill so if anyone has donations for the HYPER NEEDS MONEY fund people message me your bank details. Like Sort code, Account number, security code ( 3digits on the back on the card) and might aswell drop me the digits in the middle of the card aswell! MIGHT AS WELL EY!
if anyone is dumb enough to actually do that. Leave your phone number aswell because i'd love to prank you one day, maybe meet up with you, jack your mobile & purse/wallet.

For all those strapped for cash students who love Hollyoaks! who saw Justin get beats! too funny he was crying like a baby! wouldnt surprise me if Justin called Becca, Miss or Mummy! i never realised he was playing a 16 year old. Dirtttttttty business! You know if that teacher was a man and the pupil was a girl! The police would be hang cuffing her Quick time! well not her but he .. but neway! ahhhh CONFUSION!

With all the confusion of should i , should i not go to Luton Carnival! i damn bloody forgot to listen to Logan's show! Darlin forgive me.... i wont do it again :(

What a Diamond He is! he's one "Beautiful Chocolate man"

So picture this, there i was out and about listening to my ipod (slyly makes out i have some money DONT JACK ME, my daddy bought it) and guess who i see...

Chantelle giving me full on Air Gateaux

Grime Loves Chantelle Fiddy! so Lets all show our support and take teef one of the images i mad and put it on your blog, myspace or msn whatever floats your boat!

Miquita Suck your self off 3 hard times!

And people i got my 4th Driving Test Tomorow which is Wednesday!
so Wish me good luck, because i'll need it!

Today i am mostly hyper about:
A special someone... Who i hyper love .. from here to timbucktoo!

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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