Thursday, May 25, 2006

You think frank wants you --> mutton dressed as lamb.. YOU B*TCH.. YOU COW


While shotting back the Hyperade I thought to myself the other day, i need to hyper this blogging up a little. So i took inspiration from the fan'F*cking'tastic people at rwd and thought i should scower Myspace for some Funnnnnnyshhhh*t! Everyone knows all the Standard Musician's myspaces that are in the Grime scene, so i had to think of something creative! QUICK....
So after several years, i began to come across a new world of fake myspaces i felt like Christopher Bloody Columbus from Sooty to Frank Butcher, who rip the utter insides out of them! so ill cut the long introduction and drop you Crazy Grime heads the links.

Sharon's 'Little Miss Piggy' Myspace

Dot 'Ghetto'd out her' Myspace

Sonia 'On it like a Lesbian literally' Myspace

Pauline 'watch the red eye' Myspace

Neil's Myspace

Peggy 'Proud to be a' Mitchell's Myspace

Frank 'Do i look like some sort of Doughtnut?' Butcher's Myspace

Slimey ' Dirt dont hurt him' The Worm's Myspace

Ernie's Myspace

C is for ......Cookie's Myspace

Sooty 'was a bad boy..sooty was a badboy' Myspace

Phillip ' i will buss your head with a chicken leg' Bank's Myspace


Anymore ill be sure to inform you crazy people of the links. i wont denie that Sooty is Shower! and that B*tch Sue used to P*ss me the Hell off! always trying to ruin everyones Gangbangs and robberies with her moany ways! ahhh Sweep was heavy, i heard he had some hardoff munches from one showersession of jacking someones skunk, that he swallowed some dog toy because he thought it was a wotsit. Thats why he squeeks all the damn time!

This Cover is SEXXXY oh yessss!


Theres not much news to go about! Chantelle and me are in beef chips! food battle soon arriving!Everyone whos anyone, even the QUEEN is waiting for POOMPLEX to drop im expecting big things!

i ordered Scorchers Mixtape like a week AGO and still hasnt arrived! DAMN YOU UKRECORDSHOP, DAMN YOU!

RUINED! some twat thought it was funny to put ink on there! DONT LOOK AT ME! .... ok ok it was me! it was an accident!

Isit just me of is that Skepta Track with Juelz Santana sicker than Aids! For all the people who want to hear all the exclusive new Grime tracks lock into Logansama's Grime Show on Kiss 100 or Whatson from 11pm to 1am and to if you cant hear it live for some weird reason you just have to press KISS100 and scroll down to LOGAN SAMA and you can catch the set you missed! its reliable as cigarettes giving you cancer!

Oh yeah skepta.. i love you too sweetie you dont have to hide it.. leaving 2comments on my Myspace... thats basically like me having your child... lets call it... Skipty!

Skipty Adenuga

We'll get Jamie to read it a bednight story.. but make sure he doesnt come out with his torets "Boy Better Know" because you'll have to change Skipty's nappy after!

Anti-Hyper your not

Today i am mostly Hyper about:

London Artists making tracks with Mc's from out of London! Manchester to London, Sick track from two hot female mcs from the Uk Morty & Envy. Listen on both their myspaces, listen to the track 'BACK OFF'

Morty (North London)

Envy (Manchester)

Another Sicker than torets on a toddlers, Female Mc is Queen Passion also hailing from North London. Her my space is :

Queen Passion (North London)

Check out tracks 'Scratcha Dva Ft Queen Passion' & ' INL movement knockout'


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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