Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your going too fast for me SLOW down yeah ... Slow down..

First off let me promote one of my favourite bands.. 'VIOLET MARTINEZ'. In my area, theres not one pub, club or even cinema that Violet Martinez havent played in! There i was one night ready to watch KingKong and suddenly the curtains pull back and my ears are filled with drum trembling cries of ' Your so predictable'. Violet Martinez certainly aint predictable with a mindcrashing number of local and internet fans who sworm out of pubs , weddings (my cousin was eager to watch them) and sex with their partners just to hear their groundshattering LIVE performances. This by far is not the last your going to hear from these indie-pop crazed teens.

"They look like BUSTED after a fight" >> GAZ + KAREN 97.6 CHILTERN FM DJs

With the recent Statik - Grindie Mixtape dropping only two months ago, Violet Martinez are eager to get in touch with any talented grime / 'urban' artists around the UK. Like the Grime scene getting heard is quite a struggle, but representing the UK is where both indie & Grime are proud to be from.

Any artists who would like to ruffle up their hair and jump about like crazed baffoons. Please contact the Frontman of Violet Martinez ... His names Pierre and hes a Sexy beast.

Pierres Myspace

Violet Martinez Myspace

They are interested in working with Artists and/or people who want samples of the hotest Alternative Pop/Indie .

Their Next Performance


  1. I met one of their mums at a farm at Easter and picked up a demo, good stuff and I kid you not

  2. Hattie covered in peanut butter?

    Hyper its almost like you can read my mind blood.

    How about Chantelle covered in hot coco butter and glitter?

    Actually, scratch that.

    If you cant tell yet, im FUCKIN BORED.

    Lets start our own magazine or summin, should give us somethin to do....hold on, we already planned to do that right....


  3. serious??

    Did they use objects??

    Like baseball bats and shit?

    or did you just get good old fashioned kicking.

    enlighten me xx

  4. nah they was so excited they was skankin so hard! they was bashing elbows, shoulders, knees and f*cking toes on all the girls near by! stupidly not a soul told me how eager people got! its a lesson i have learnt! and now i am a fellow punch you in the nose with my shoulders kind of gal.


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