Saturday, June 10, 2006

Interview with Syer Bars

Hyperfrank meets Syer Bars
This young up and coming might not be Kano, but he sure packs a punch of 'Beats & Bars'. Despite some criticism, Syer B is climbing the ladder like grimey window cleaners and BOY! Is the grime scene ready to be washed away. He's best known for joining up with the men that roll deep in knee high boots in dark estates. Although many would remember Syer's for featuring on Mizz Beats slow jamming grime track Saw It Coming alongside Wiley, Jammer, Jme & Ears. I caught up with Syer B several days ago to talk about recent projects, mixtape's and Pat Butchers dangling earrings.

Hey Syers, what projects have you been involved lately?

Yo what's up?
I'm currently in the middle of the follow up for BOY WITH THE FIRE
I'm also working on my album. I just finished filming the video for 'HOLD IT DOWN' with the rest of the fam which should be on television very soon, looking forward to that!!

Knowing that you produced more than half of you recently released Mixtape, how did you get involved with Mcing and Producing?

I got myself involved, I used to listen to mc's like SKIBBA,SHABBA and STEVIE HYPER, and spit their bars with mates in school and that,
Then, I just started writing my own stuff, and it went on from there.
As for production, I got hold of a crack copy of fruity loops a couple years ago and basically taught myself. I wanted to learn so it didn't take me long to pick it up.

Do you think pat butchers ear rings could be a hot new look for the grime scene?

They are not ear rings! There them hula hoops things you messed with as a kid init, they just look like ear rings on her coz of her meat head! *laughs*

Are you signed to Roll deep's label or are you a member of the team?

Just part of the team.

How did that come about?

I was just doing my sh*t on my show on rinse fm, putting myself about on other shows and that, doing a lot of work. Then 1 day bumped into Wiley, we went on the road, had a talk. He said he was feeling my sh*t, he saw that I wanted to progress and asked me if I wanted to roll deep. So I do.

What Phrase/ lyric would you say is your trademark?

"SYER B FOR BARZ" that's what people holla at me when they see my boat race on the road.

So far, what would you say you're best known for?

Being real, with my lyrics.
I'm a lyricist, not a hype man. Hype gets you so far, but if you haven't got the talent to write lyrics that have feeling and a meaning behind them then you will fade out. Along with your hype

For those who are virgins to your sound how would you sell them your mixtape?

If you want to hear something different from someone fresh and hungry who is not afraid to experiment then check my mix CD.
Personally I think it competes with ANY mix CD on the road at the minute and if you want to hear a small piece of what I'm about then cop it!

If grime wasn't around what genre would you lean to?

I would be into rock music or blues, which was my influence growing up, and listening to what my dad was playing. I think that there would be no grime scene if it wasn't for rock and blues music. Hip hop was influenced by it, and grime was influenced by hip hop. So I would like to be a part of the genres that we're a big influence on the scene that I'm a part of.

If you had to choice out of producing or Mcing, which one would it be and why?

Mc. It comes more naturally to me than production does. I can get my feelings out and show emotions more when I write. Plus I love being on stage doing what I do best.

Where do you record your material?

I have my own studio, and I'm my own engineer so I can work all hours in my own time and take my time when I make music. There is nothing worse than having to be fitted in around other artists when it suits the engineer. Plus I can work with other artists for longer periods of time. I don't like working against the clock.

Do you think radio stations play a roll in taking the scene forward?

Definitely, without radio and Dj's on radio how would people hear our music?
I would never have been heard if there was no radio, plus its good practice for Mc's and promotion.

Has Wiley ever flopped you on a link?

*Laughs*....... Couple times that just shows how busy he is, init. *laughs*

Favourite track you've recorded?

This life, it's a big tune, I got to say a lot of stuff on it, that track opened a new tunnel in my mind. (Also a track I just finished called "TAKE ME BACK" watch this space)

If you weren't doing music what would you do?

I'd be dead…

Explain your name?

Begins with an "S" and ends with "Y.E.R.B.A.R.Z."

Since you've dropped your mixtape, have peoples opinions about you changed?

From what I've seen, heard and read the opinion has pretty much stayed the same, just more people saying it. You know how it is, some people think something is good but won't say it until some one else does.

What Character from Eastenders would you say you're the most similar to?

Jim Branning= bad man! *laughs*

Who do you think in the Grime scene performs the best live?

Kano, Lady Sovereign, and Roll deep on a professional level.
On a hype, Merkle man, JME, D DOUBLE, can go on all day.

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene?


Who do you think is Over rated?

Too many names to mention, it will show at the end of the day when albums are being sold CONSISTENTLY who the real artists are.

Anybody to thank?

Big up WILEY for guiding me and pushing me to the front, Big up SEAN T and the FIREWORX massive. Hold tight everyone involved with DUBPLATE DRAMA, big up LUKE AND JUSTIN. Big up LOGAN, CAMEO, MAXIMUM, CARNAGE and all the best grime dj's pushing the scene forward.All the manz running the pirate stations, websites and that.Hold tight everyone at RWD MAG, VICE MAGAZINE ETC..... Hold tight all the artists doing their own thing. Out to anyone up and coming, be real to yourself.... BIG UP EVERYONE AT GRIMEMUSIC.COM. Bless for the support. Most of all big up the people supporting me, without fans artists are no one so bless.
OUT TO MY ANGEL...........


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