Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a Fully Grown Girl i aint no am a teen

Thanks to the great people at KINGS CROSS for closing the bloody station i was stuck in North London for 3days! YES! 3DAYS!
So thats why the blog's been a bit quiet and the myspace aswell! So all those hypes saying im giving them AIR.. now you no!
From Reading my blog you must relise that i have days that will blow your socks off! I'm the mission Queen! Just yesterday i was on the bus going through stratford checking out some boys high top! AND WHO WAS IT? Tempa T boppin that hair up n down like a trampoline with some random bright blue trousers on!
Then literally what an hour n half later i was walking through some park to some main road in archway and some car stops near me in traffic and who was it...... SWAY! lol so theres me shouting at my buddy sarah like SWAY SWAY SWAY! he looks at me like what the hell some crazzzy girls stalking me n does this nevous wave, while im stuck in the middle of the road doing some swaying motion with my hand! NO LIE I TELL YOU...
Oh yeah i have a little bone or rib to pick with RHYTHM DIVISION.. it says you close at 7! not 6 not 5 not 4! SO CLOSE AT 7! im not going on missions ever again until i know your open!

Just Got through finishing Phtv edition 1 ITS A SICK CONCEPT i tell you and the packaging lol thats just a whole other story.. if you dont like grime and you just wanna look at something over cute... buy it here i tell you..... HERE..... check the review later on in the week
Safe to A+ for hooking me up!
Who knows you might see me on one of the editions one day.... hmmm you never know..

Big up my sisters dog Crypto who barks like clockwork everytime he hears Lily allen.. Well you cant hate hes gotta show love to the fam! Know one can denie shes one dutty b*tch. Public toilets are HER i tell you.

Oh yeah I HAPPY SLAPPED lily allens poster.. yeah WHAT! you know how i roll like that WHAT!

Lastly Big up Google on the old Lady sovereign Pictures

them posses will NEVER grow old i tell you

P.S: Stop all these messages on myspace about how you dont like what order your in on my TOP20!




Be thankful you're on my myspace top20.... Because you can quickly be locked off as quickly as you can be put on!

Theirs enough hyperfrank love to go around so dont go threatening other people 'higher' to you because it might start some serious waring .. watch yourself ya hear or ill draw for the nik nak WATCH!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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