Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm gonna keep billing up P's // Till the goverment have to put a bullet in my boy better know T!

So England has finally blessed us with some decent weather, apparently the other day we were as hot as St Lucia. What better way to spend your earnings on some apparel that gives your arms a bit of a chance to breath maybe even get a tan. So instead of you lot breaking your backs trying to cop the hotest new exclusives iv gone and done it for you who do i sent the private surgeons bill to?

Boy Better Know
Nothing really more to say! I heard the Queen was messaging Jme for An exclusive for her grandson Harry...(above right)
You can get your hands on these In:
They sell out quick so if theirs none in stock at that time
keep checking back!

In Da Hood Clothing
These Collections arent out yet but soon enough!
too see some other designs please check out
Mr.Slash's Myspace & Blog here
Plastician Tshirts
These are soon to be out! not sure when but check back for more information
and if you cant wait that long contact The Plastician at his myspace. Attire
The grime website who sell mixtape's and dvd's from the Grime scene,
have recently added some Tshirts to their collections.
Drop by and add it to your basket.

Toney the T-shirt Jeweler
A glance at one of Toney's masterpieces and i promise you,
your going to need a glass eye! BLINGGG THAT EYE OUT
Toney regularly runs Give away competitions
trust me i know! I won one! ohhh yess!!
so get your greasy self down to Toney's myspace
& make sure you suscribe to his blog for the competitions!

Obey Attire
Buy this here

Addict Vs Ben Swift Decks
Buy here

Fenchurch Baby Dj2 T-shirt
Buy here


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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