Friday, June 02, 2006

On the roads i look sweet but dont get your wires crossed// Round here im the boss controlling the streets blogs//

I was Confused for a while who and what was behind tropical then i decided to look a little closer and i see its being run by Jme and the boys. How stupiiiid of me. Well theres alot happening in the world of JME! Since Tropical is a part of Boy better know special edition tropical tshirts will be hitting a few shops including Ebay just in time for Carnival! so expect to see crowds of people Boy Better Knowing!

Now Listen up! On THURSDAY 8th JUNE, Jme is dropping of a set amount of 100 BoyBetterKnow Tshirts in Uptown Records (I warn you, i recon it will be packed out!) and ive also heard that If you buy a T from UPTOWN RECORDS you get a free Signed copy of BoyBetterKnow Edition 1!



Does Cookie Really know what hes getting himself into?

Scorcher & Cookie had a little tif some say like a year ago, some say months ago! WHO KNOWS! But the fact that Cookie had to wait until scorcher was locked away to drop his CussTrack! seems about .... well anyway.. download these 2tracks below, can i also say if i upload any tracks and they have expired message me through myspace and ill upload them again!

Cookie should be in hiding, Seeing as its not just Scorcher hungry to get his hands on him hes also got.....

The Cookie Monster Ready to Munch that pretty boy face off

Scorcher - Beef with?(Re-upped 12.6.06) (Taken from Simply the best)

Cookie Slewing Scorcher(Re-upped 12.6.06)

"Spoke to him about it but true say he aint heard it he thinks its a joke that he took a year to pluck up the courage to reply." Wretch32

Hopefully i'll be hooking up an interview with scorcher seeing as hes out of prison next friday, thats what wretch told me. So hopefully by next week ill be able to inform my crazy lot on whats happening!

OI! yeah ive started to put my reviews and interviews on the blog that you get on myspace! so make sure you suscribe to it! Because you know how im on the updating game!

I'm on it like new potatoes.....

Today i am mostly Hyper about: Swinggggggggggggggggggggggg i got Tempa T pictures of when he was young! lol EXCLUSIVE i tell you.... i'm going to do a Jme and make you all wait!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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