Friday, June 02, 2006

You dont want it with the Bizzle Hyper so Kick back.. You hear me blud?

Taking a break from the full time day job, that is using thesaurus's to research more words that use references to the sound a gun makes. Lethal Bizzle and the whole Fire Camp have got together to set up their tents, huddle in a circle and get ready to watch their scorching heat blow up in their faces.

Consuming a stack of blazing grimey productions by Pow's main man Dexplicit, Skills & biggaman. Chucking in some classic Fire Camp catchy (like headlice) melodys, throw in some exclusive grindie tracks from statik and while your at it pile on Dj twister mixing up this feast. NOW this is what i call real refreshments infront of a camp fire, i was just expecting marshmellows but now im excited.

I know what your thinking "Why are you listening to Fire Camp, when you cant speak a word without cussing them". Thats a good point Mr. Blog but this mixtape brings a whole new meaning to levels in the mixtape industry. No one can take away the fact that Fire Camp have their own sound, they've formed their own corner in the scene. Grindie also makes a small but impactful appearance on the mixtape, with Lethal proving his intelligence "2x2 is 4 YEAH i'm Clever". Although he obviously underestimated his brain cells as his screaming antics have increased his hate mail by 100x over! Proberly from Mariah Carey and Sweep (Sooty&Co) who must of been horrified to find out they had such big competition with the Mind Blowing Squeek Award.

If i didnt buss & TheTruth are just plain and utter merkaling, taking a bar for each person who he feels to throw a little abuse at, i tell you what that list is long:
D Double E, Flow Dan ,Donaeo ,Sticky ,Riko ,Tiger ,Goodz ,Crazy T ,Dizzee ,Heartless Crew ,Craig David ,Romeo ,The Streets , Just to name a couple!

Hyper Verdict:
Like Fire Crackers this Sh*t is Crackling... theres definatly a hand full of decent tracks id recommend. Might aswell go out and buy it for the individuality of it AND to support the scene.
Lets be honest with ourselfs though, we all know what Lethals like, 60% involves his bars! so you hardly get to hear the talent in the rest of the camp! Lets hope he licks super glue and maybe his mouth might shut for the first time in a decade. Some of the constant talking over some of the tracks from Lethal gets a bit on the i'm going to commit suicide if he doesnt shut up side of things. We know you dont get along with Wiley and that.. We know you flopped and got back on your feet but lethal.. its time to move on.

Tracks to put on repeat:

1. Had 2 Go- Lethal Bizzle
2. Air on the Roads REMIX
4. Agent X- Tiny Tempah (Aftershock)
12. It's Not Long- Ozzie B
17. Air Pie- 2Face
22. Kickback- Lethal Bizzle
25. If I Didn't Buss- Lethal Bizzle


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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