Monday, July 10, 2006

Hahaha? Whatcha laughing at?...........Thug of the family .. who could i be? M.(to the) A.(to the) C. thats....not me!

So the real needed debate of the Grime Scene has started! With a high percentage of grime artists being one of the following :

Too Bigheaded
Too rude
Too Lazy

With most of the fans supporting Grime by:

Downloading tracks
Starting minor beefs in grime raves
Cussing of most of the decent artists

Its not as simple as it should be, theres alot of stuff holding the scene back! Anyone that has the cheek to even mention my name in any of this.. would be silly! Seeing as all im doing is giving a little comedy and jokes to your week.. Nothing more nothing less! This is obviously a serious issue but dont hate on the people that bring a little smile in the process!

Anyway all thats kind of long so let me Drop some of the regular stuff....

That was Jammer ringing me init.. Hes always ringing me.. like CONSTANTLY.. he wants me to battle him or something like that... He'd get Murkled same way, like a Turtle without a shelf! Straight Prawn Sandwich my friend..

Hold it down! Big look with the video...

I love phoning Narstie at the wrong time .. sorry baby!



" im slacking "

Sorry people.... With all these wedding plans you know its hard! been trying to link wiley on 27 seperate occasions.. he says he promises he'll be their next time... ON TIME... hmmm


Iv got some hoooooot fireman 999 stuff about to drop so dont be a d*ck sucker and remember to keep dropping back!!!

x x x

Love you Logan


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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