Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NO more swag tunes just keep it down// I can see your p*ssed yeah keep your frown// same way im here to keep my crown//

Isit just me or does Ears look pregnant or just a bit Ghosty

As i said i will be updating this on a regular.. oh yeah! one thing i have to add! WHAT IN LORDs NAME is leo the f*cking lion doing on celebrity love island! That man gives me jokes! and who the hell voted nikki out? yeah yeah you in the red and white.. i'll hunt your twatish self down!

i am not amused

Well maybe just a little bit!

So.... *awkward silence* i went rhythms of the world at the weekend which is like a free music festival thing! didnt hear any decent music, was there all together for about an hour, got bored and walked home drunk in a strop! Yeah you know them way there...

^^^ Might have to make an appearance here ^^^

If anyone didnt see them comments from logan on my blog! the rave on the 4th of august for the movements mixtape launch is lies i tell you... ALL LIESSSSS!

ohh just relised ive been a bit QUIET AGAINNNNN! lol me and logan had a little argument so i said fine then .. i WONT listen to your show and ill turn my back on grime for ONE day.. it was hard but i done it... i went to some indie concert on monday to see some band called Milburn. It was some crazy sh*t i tell you CRAZZZZY! after spending about £40 on one wkd and making that last nearly the whole night, the band come on and me and my cousin decided to push our way right to the front... and we reached a line between a great dancing sway or enter further to be do some wild crowd surfing and glass beer chucking. It was my first time at a indie night so i decided to pop my cherry, well to be honest i was pushed by about 20 people behind me so it was like indie rape!

So there i am practically half covered in beer and the other half of me sweating my knickers off, and im thinkin how in lords name do i dance to this.. everyone around me is jumping up and down like their pants are on fire... so i thought F*ck it.. i think i pulled it off i just imagined being on a trampoline while being attacked by blood hungry wasps and i fitted right in. The music was pretty decent aswell... i came to the conclusion that alot of indie is just rich rebellious children who live off their parents and dress like they found a pile of 80's clothes outside a charity shop.. like i said.. i fitted right in.

NEVER AGAIN will i turn my back on grime

i nearly commited suicide when my phone went off *ddd dddd dddd dddd doing it again* Duppy started playing and my cousin tried to tell me it was a pile of crap!

Hmmmmm.... you little swineeeee.

Oh yeah .. and Zidane saved his life!

No shame in that...


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