Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not fake but i grab and i take// Eat pies but i need more on my plate//

So hows everyone been? i've been fine and dandy! Saw my nan the other day! YEAHHHH i know! but come on my nan is a LEGEND. She has the weirdest vocabulary in the word, dont ask me how we got on to the topic of this but we did. She started talking about "French Letters" so i thought hmmm this could mean uno dirty letters or something or maybe just a bloody letter from France. But NOOOOOOO the woman was talking about Condoms! shes 80 and shes talking about condoms! lol shes just a joker! and she uses the word CRUMPET for a girl! Big up my nan though shes just standardly the funniest person ever on this earth! F*ck off Harry Enfield you killed it along time ago!

My birthdays soon 29TH JULY for all those who don't know or forgot! I wonder what Logan is going to surprise me with! i hope its not some bloody '1210s' that he bought me last year! he blatenly bought them from a carboot sale and wrote 1210 on them thinking he could take me for a mug! deeeeeckkkhead, love you baby...

Like he said 'your slacking' and i have been! so expect NEW stuff on here regularly .. constantly.. i recon im blatently not going to leave my keyboard until i have you all saying HYPERFRANK unintentionally in your sleep..

Also Look out for Wileys new mixtape! Yes i no! hes actually had a kick up the bum and dropping regular stuff! lets all give him a bat on the back!

Sovereign better bring armshouse to this little yank

Big up "YES BOSS" who are calling their music BRAPPPPP lol blatenly goldy looking chain doing grime ITS BAITTTTTTTTTT!

I want a copy of this mixtape!

Big up COOKIE and RANDOM impulse who literally have started the biggest beef that will ever enter the grime scene.... THEEEEEEEY say Columbo.. could merk off Miss marple (from murder she wrote) hmmm MISS MARPLE WOULD STRANGLE him in his dusty raincoat any day of the week! WHAT!

Oh yeah WELL DONE to JME who passed his second year of University.. Upping the levels everyday of the week


  1. The Movement will not be launching their Mix CD at the Stratford event. they know nothing about that. Just clearing it up for you

  2. Great Work!!!
    this is a good link you can refer Art Collection


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