Saturday, July 01, 2006

Penguins can't jump, they BOUNCE!

So i was searching through google about penguins because you see i love to P-P-Pick up a penguin on a regular! I went crazy over this website i found about this flock of penguins that have forcefully made humans call them 'The shower penguin dem'.

So i contacted their website and got myspace on a plane/ship to the Antartica to hook up a one on one interview. This is a collection of imagery and stills that i done when interviewing these penguin dem:

Taken from Lord of the Flock dvd soon come

"Man like Penguin arent on no standard joke ting flex ya c me bredrin" P dot E

"Dem Human dem go on like they created grime like we're just any guy ya c me, its our sound ya get me! Piley and Pizzy Gascal & More Snow crew got the PENGRIME sound out bare time ago their trying to take us for some sardine or something" Lethal Penguizzle


  1. U lost ur marbles long time, innit hypes?

  2. Dnt mean to be nosey mayte but dem birds aint penguins by nechance.. :$

  3. what you bloody on COURSE THEY ARE PENGUINS!


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