Monday, July 10, 2006

Interview with Cookie

Hyperfrank meets Cookie

From double chocolate chip to Carribean crunch, the flavours and tastes of cookies are endless. Although take a piece of talent from North London's Shanksville, dip this in some Skepta produced beats like 'Private Caller'. Mix it in with a hard bitter flow, put it in the oven for a while and let it gather some heat. Watch out not to 'scorch' your hands because the results will be hot! Finally sprinkle a soon to drop mixtape and you'll have the grime scenes hottest new taste... Cookie.

Placing his heated vocals on 'Private Caller' that also featured Jme,Bossman and his arch enemy Scorcher. Most recently you can hear Cookie's bar's on one of the most popular tracks of this year, 'R U DUMB' which was taken off of Jme's top selling mixtape 'POOMPLEX' also has other top mcs in the scene on it such as Tempa T, Wiley and Jme. Cookie's newest flavour soon to drop is his mixtape 'The Cookie Jar'. I caught up with this untouched jammy dodger to get his side of the Scorcher beef, to found out how he got the name and if he woke up one day and had to become a cookie, which one he'd be.

What area and crew are you representing?
I'm reppin NORTH LONDON to the fullest. I'm from a little part of north called EDMONTON N9 the mandem from the area call it SHANKSVILLE!!!

How did you get into Mcing?
I used to listen to meridian crew and rolldeep on radio back in the day wen i was in school, obviously i liked what i heard, so i thought let me try writing sum lyrics, so me and a few friends started writing bars and it just carried on from there really. so id say ive bin mcing properly for like 2-3 years now.

Apart from Mcing what other skills do you have?
*Laughs* I've got a few skills still, but i dunno if im allowed to really say, dunno whos gonna see this init.

What projects have you been working on lately?
Well im doing my own mixtape, thats called 'The cookie jar' thats got a few different artist and producers on it, "Skepta, Black the ripper, S.k.i.t.z beats, Wiley, G-dubs, Impulse, and much more" that should be done before the years over. I've done alot of features on other peoples stuff aswel, you can hear me on Jme's new mixtape 'poomplex'. A couple street mixtapes, i've also featured on a couple dvds , 'risky roads, couple south dvds, spot rushers'. I have my tunes playing weekly on logan samas show and cameos show and axe fm, im getting around man, but ive still got alot of work to do aswel. I also did a performance in Great Yarmouth the other day for the mobo unsigned awards aswel, with Maja Man from meridian bloodline, there was couple people there aswell like Lady Ny and Big cakes, so that was a good look.

What makes your mixtape stand out from the rest?
well i've listened to other peoples mixtapes and i noticed that everyones basically talking about the same things... So when i planned my mixtape i tried to make it completly about me, like how my life goes init, obviously some mixtapes will hav the same kinna things on it, but on mine im talkin 100% about things ive seen and beenn through so its jus real all the way through no copying.

Whos been your favourite artist to work with on your mixtape?
I'd probably say black the ripper.. hes another person whos coming up in the game aswell as me, so were thinkin on the same wave length, i like hes work rate aswell and hes a cool guy.

Whats your thoughts on Channel U?
*laughs* I'm not happy that they dont play private caller nemore!!! they need to put that back on there yeh, the ladies aint seeing my face enough *laughs*, but on a reals channel u is a big look, a very big look, its like radio init, a way to get heard and seen so its twice as good really.

Who and what is holding back the grime scene?
ALL THE FAKE GUYS and MONEY!!! people are messin it up for us you know, like... if everyone was being true to the word then it wouldnt be so bad, but cause theres people talking stuff they dont know about and they cant relate to it and looks bad to the outsiders, It's definitly the fake guys. Also theres not alot of money in the scene to help it grow, so once theres more money getting put in everything should be nice.

Whats your side of the story with the 'beef' with Scorcher?
The me and Scorcher ting is technical cause it is real, like we really have had road politics but on the other hand we was very tight before it all happened, so its hard still. Obviously we both do music so it was bound to get turned into musical beef aswell init, but its nothing to me, im completely down for whatever he throws at me, im strong minded so i can handle it all.

Some People have mentioned that the beef is quite old between you two, and that You took along time to reply to the diss track, so now its started back up all over again.. what do you say to them?
People are talking but they dont know the facts!!! Scorcher was calling out my name for a loooong time and i never said nothing, cos as far as i was concerned it was a road ting, like if we saw eachother it was dramas. Then i started to realise and what people was sayin to me, im an artist aswel as him so if i dont start sayin something back it wont be a good look for me, so i made the hustling track to put on my mixtape, accidently it got leaked and thats how everyone heard it.

If you were actually a cookie, which Cookie/biscuit would you be?
I would be some exclusive cookie... white chocolate on one side, dark chocolate on the uva side, different flavour chips on top.. *kisses his teeth* some bad boy cookie are you dumb!!! *laughs*

How many Cookies can you eat in a minute?
I dont even know you know, i've never timed it im gonna try that just for you though *laughs*

Has the 'beef' actually been flattened with scorcher? and do you think the beef with him has made you more popular or less?
To be honest i dont know if it will ever get flattened cause its way more than music. I think the beef with scorcher has giving me a bit more publicity but even if i didnt have this ting with him i was coming up anyway, the work is being put in behind close doors, you get me.

If you werent Mcing what would you be doing?
I would still be in college, cause i do go college, music aint my whole life.... and i think id just carry on paper chasing cause i love money!!!

Where and how did the name Cookie come about?
Basically when i was in school someone said as a joke "your face looks like a cookie" cause ive got freckles and im a browning, it just stuck, people started calling me cookie and i didnt mind so it became me.

How would you Describe your flow?
my flow is tiiiiight... and it not basic, some people hav a flow which you know what there going to say next or you know how its gonna flow, not mine!!! i try and make it so that you dont know how im gonna come across and ive got different flows aswell.

Is there anywhere we can keep update with future Cookie projects?
Go on rewind magazine website, my names buzzin about in there a lot, or scribbler the designers website, I work with him a lot, or my myspace :


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