Thursday, August 24, 2006

Come ...Come.... Come to the roadside!


Mercstons Locked up For more than 5years apparently, on the charges of rape. He's been found guilty so the court obviously thought that he deserved the sentence, Although The movement thought otherwise DOWNLOAD HERE (Re-upped 3.9.06) which is from a Radio rip of a track taken from The Movements soon to be released mixtape.
I could tell you the whole story but that would be long and would be dumb of me to act like im some kinda journalist when i havent even started my degree yet! hmmm... just read up on it here .. MERCSTON RAPE CHARGE
Everyones going on like he didnt do it... but you got to look at the full aspect, Because Rape is a serious issue! If he didnt do it then BOYYYYYY! You have to be Dumb to get in this kind of situation (Let it be a lesson to all of you little boys... Dont put it about like peanutbutter because something like this could happen)

"I still get down with punani thats older than me" Sure you do Mercston SURE YOU DO!

He had alot going for him! This tune is still set to be HUGE!

The Movement must be overly P*ssed right now, They're in and out of prison like Jack in the boxes!

IM P*SSED... Hooked up a bloody interview with him everything lol.. And what does he go and do... get locked down for 5years lol


Note to self: Never think of travelling to Wembley to go to IKEA.. you'll get lost and up Buying 19p Plates.

Who would of thought it, Wiley... Doing work... Actually turning up somewhere...ON TIME! i know, i know! But its true, Wiley has recorded not just Tunnel Vision Vol.1 but 2,3 and 4. So is that why hes always late, never turns up to raves and flops everyone? Proberly not but im sure its got something to do with Skepta and his gunshot sandwich, which i heard from a personal friend of mine, that its a lot to get your head around let alone your mouth. I'm looking forward to seeing how on earth Wiley is going to handle all these mixtapes. It could be a bit of a mixtape, making too much mixtapes 1) The music could quickly outdate itself and 2) They will blatenly get leaked like pipes.


Presenting.... Voice of Grime Vol1.. Introducing a Softer side of Grime

Watch out for the sly advertisement of my blog inside.

This will be available at all good local record shops including HMV.


Lets play a little game, ey? Right Its going to be hard but concentrate and im sure you'll be ok!

The game links both SPOT THE DOG and WHERE'S WALLY... Let it the game begin!


That was hard init....


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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