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Interview with Random Impulse

Hyperfrank meets Random Impulse

With his distinctive high pitched vocal chords and a tongue ready to flood the world with similes. Random Impulse, who received his double barelled name from fellow G-fam member Dimples, hit down with his word on the street only a month and a bittle ago. Taking the word 'Mixtape' to its extremes, Impulse brings us not just a whole cd of grime but meets a whole new audience by having a whole entire other cd souly dedicated to hiphop.

So while Mr Impulse isnt having spasms hes representing his North London borough, Selling his mixtapes, Running his label reignasannce. It must be a big job trying to come up with an excuse to cover up his razor sharp executions and hide his big bars from the police (Its a hard life). Featuring & spitting on radio shows such as Kiss 100 and Bbc's 1xtra, his word on the street is definitly spreading. Jme, Dexplicit and Scorcher are among a few big names who produce the beats for Randy Impulsy and Wretch, Ghetto, Scorcher and Dimples featuring their big man bars for the mixtape. With a video just out on Channel U and more to come i thought this was the time to catch up with this up and comer to bring you the real word of Mr Impulse, and if he realises he shares a name with a body spray.

What Genre of Music would you say your representing?
In a world where everything has to be pigeon-holed i guess i have to say hip-hop/grime, but i actually work on all types of music and im not just saying that because it sounds good! i've just recently jumped on a remix of "i bet you look good on the dance floor" with the arctic monkeys and a couple of jungle beats by skilioso!

You've appeared in the grime scene out of nowhere! How have you gone about promoting your name?
I've Actually been about since 2003 *laughs* i was signed to stickys label along with donae'o, dexplicit, stush and ms dynamite back then. I performed at the 2003 sidewinders peoples choice awards and appeared on the bonus disc in the tape pack. ooh and i also had a vinyl out called "whos that new kid" which sold 2000 units! But due too... "complications" (sticky and jason kaye started beefing) the label shut down, so me and dexplicit set up our own labels, dxp which is dexplicits, and mine, reignasannce. Since then i've released a video called "Back down" which hit the channel U charts at 8, put out 2 mixtape samplers; 1 was for sale at £3 of which we sold 300, and the other was a free disc of which we gave out 5,000.

You have Appeared on radio shows such as Logansama's Kiss 100 show and Cameo's 1xtra slot. How do you think these legal radio stations help the scene?
It's great because it gets you out to a wider audience. Thanks to things like myspace, first time listeners that are feeling your material can stay in contact. The other thing, which is a bit stupid, is that no matter how hard you was or wasn't working before, once you've had a couple interviews on legal radio the scene tends to treat you like "oh sh*t!! he's officially in the scene! Its o.k to say he's 1 of the best now! Im allowed to say that in public!!!" So you could say that stations like kiss and 1xtra give the scene a sense of authenticity and it shows that our scene's actually relevant to the masses.

Just say you never become an mc/rapper would you still be supporting the music? and how would you say people that aren't involved in the music side of things can still become involved in the scene?
I'd definitly buy mixtapes and releases from artists i like even if i wasn't spitting. Being honest im more business orientated than anything else. I run a registered label and production company that have some of the most talented up-and-comers i've ever heard, and i get more satisfaction watching them develop and push out their material than i do with pushing mine! so to every one that isnt exactly Dimples on the mic but loves music and wants a piece of the pie, study business, and sign up some artists to extort!! *laughs* nah nah im playin you gotta be fair and ting!

Your mixtape that dropped recently has one disc GRIME and another disc with HIPHOP. Why and how did you come up this concept for your debut mixtape?
You know what franky, can i call you franky? *i say no but still he continues* the thing with that is a lot of people only listen to grime, and a lot of peeps are only feeling hip hop. With this mixtape you've got 22 tracks of each which are separate from each other, so if you only like hip hop, your still getting a 22 track disc for a fiver which is the r.r.p of most mixtapes anyway!basically i just wanted to do somthing that no other artist would dare to do: 44 tracks, 2 discs, 8 page booklet, only £5, so i acted on my random impulses and did it.... sorry that was really cheesy wasnt it..

Random Impulse, Where did the name come from? a little crumb tells me its because you suffer from severe spasms, can you confirm this rumour?
A little crumb? That little chocolate chip biscuits been talkin *laughs* No! I DO NOT suffer from severe spasms..... their very minor spasms actually! *laughs* truth is dimples, the founder of my crew g- fam named me when i first joined. Every one else in my crews a lot older and i joined when i was like 15, so naturally i had tonnes more energy than them. Plus, because i always say what pops into my head without giving it any propr thought, they called me impulse! i aint really sure how the random bit came about though.

Are you aware that 'impulse' is actually a female body spray.. do you personally use this product? if you dont then how can body spray up the sales of grime mixtape?
See now i've had a plan for this for ages!!!! My idea was simular to that new add they got with the guy chasing the chicks every where, but the guy was me, and with that is says "buy random impulse's word on the street and get the new impulse fragrance for only half price!!" BOOM! that would be sick!! ....and no franky i dont use it myself...

Whats your plans now after your mixtapes success?
Well, its still early days with this first mixtape. Its only been out for like a week and a half but we've already sold 600 units which is why im over over happy right now! I've got a video of a track called mind games coming to your screens soon, and i've already finished my second mixtape. Plus coming from the label theres dimples with the last laugh mixtape, the chain gang mixtape, y.wizz's wizzard in the hood mixtape, the g-fam mixtape, styler with stylers got style and chipmunks vol 2, as well as heaven are for those which is a hip hop mixtape from our artist ikes's and Angel Vee's "untitled" rnb project , all of which are due for release this year.

The sound of Grime has gradually developed over the years, From the days of So Solid and Dizzee Rascal to now's equally hyped Boy better know and Fire Camp. What do you think is the next step for Grime?
Grime is evolving almost identically to how hip-hop started out in america. I think the next step is more colaborations with artists from other genres of music, strong independent labels being forged from our scene which will further add support to our music and i think were going to see a lot more grime activity in the charts!

The Design of your mixtape is extremely unique, Why do you think Grime artists are gradually starting to take more pride in their appearance of their work?
I cant really talk for anyone else on this one, but i get really involved with the design of anything that has my name on it. Me and Scribbler, (the super super shower designer that did my mixtape) stayed up for days with no sleep arguing about everything from the front cover right down to the small print. The reason i feel my presentation ended up so well is that I take pride in my work, as does scribbler, so we both put in everything we had to make sure the mixtapes appearance reflected that.

You recently dropped a video called back up back down, for all those artists who want to take their music to Tv. What advice would you give to making a decent video and getting it on the Television airwaves?
2 simple steps...
1. Dont be too cheap
2. have a VERY VERY good concept

US Hiphop has the bling and million dollar grills, Do you see any of their wild fashion sense catching on over here?
Courrrrse! we bite the US nuuuf!! everybody pretends that they dont but their lying! i mean i dont see no new era factories around here....grime musics probably 1 of the only original things we got over here!


Word on the street? (QUICK QUESTION ROUND) The first thing that comes into your head when these words are said...

JME - doo rag

ROLF HARRIS - wobbling cardboard


NO TALENT - most of em

GOOD PERFORMING LIVE - arctic monkeys

GRIME - mixtapes

BIG BROTHER'S NIKKI - the definition of annoying

====================> ======> ===>

Hypers Verdict on Random Impulse: Hes over sick! no lie you know me .. i wont lie to you hes on some next lovely nice levels ... Big up Mr Impulse ..overly serious about his music.

Hypers Verdict on Word on the street: Too many decent beats ..with Decent vocals

Tracks to put on repeat:

03 - Easy - Feat Scorcher
09 - Indirectly
12 - Right ?
14 - How i got this beat
18 - Ayo - Feat Dimples & Sups
19 - Real Thugz - Feat Ghetto
21 - Onwards - Feat Y. Wizz, Chipmunk & Wretch 32
04 - Holla at me
11 - Mind games - Feat Angel Vee
15 - Money - Feat The North Legends
16 - Lil Yas - Feat Yasmin
17 - Praying

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