Monday, August 07, 2006

So who's the bully? Get stopped and searched for wearing a hoodie... (Narstie spits too fast i cant tell what hes saying)

Mercston watchs out for his next victim (or new creps who knows?)

The movement are saying their not a crew or a boyband, what a load of balony! They got more secrets about to blow like a missiles setting of at area 51. With the whole boy band craze you usually get the kind questions like... ahh which ones the gay one? Which ones got a wife and who likes sleeping with sheep (LEMAR I TELL YOU... LEMARR... even though he aint in a boy band its just bait). But with the movement you have the kind of questions like... Who doesnt use colgate? Whos going down for Rape? how commercial of them. But yeah Mercston could be locked up for the same stuff that sieza off Big brother is. Theres rumours going about with what actually happened... apparently a couple of girls were sharing their bodies with about 20 boys ( i say boys seeing as only little boys play about with dusty skets).. But whatever actually happened who knows.. no one deserves to be raped.. orally or whatever people are saying... NO means... no... apparently..

i like it ... [tempa_t] Its nice, its nice [/tempa_t]

big up MARCIE PHONIX and HYPER FEN on the bait teef on jme's word SERIOUS... on logans show last week.. not that no one else can say 'serious' but lol come on... they say serious like 300times..... You're crap anyway...


There's been a little dispute between Wiley and scorcher, a official cuss dubs been dropped.. download it here -updated 28th august 06 (when it runs out hit me up with a message and ill upload it back again)

Wiley Vs Scorcher
Drop the handbags

Who missed me?


  1. 'Who missed you???', to tell you the truth, I don't think anyone knew you had gone. Its a shame I know.

    ps - Me and Ciara are very close (ok, so I've only spoken to her ONCE) but hey with me... ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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