Friday, September 08, 2006

It's niceeeeee (apparently)

So apparently i'm any white flingback groupie? who cant design or write for sh*t. It's all true i tell you, Well the part about me being white and well thats about it. Dont you hate when individuals call you a groupie for no other reason than because you enjoy music and you happen to be female! Whatever anyone tells you i wasnt the girl that sucked off Mercston (well thats what i told ghetto anyway) i actually do have a genuine love and enthusium for Grime. The talk about me never being about to be Chantelle Fiddy is some how quite true, although my financial status has recovered and i'm in talks with extreme plastic surgeons as i type.

This week has been overly active with Steve Irwin getting shanked by a fish, people are only just asking the question "Is President Bush an idiot?" and nearly every Grime artist is sending for Wiley. Although the funniest edition to my week as been the sly actions of a Mr Banksy. The Anonymous graffiti artist who seems to get around tight security like baby milk at Heathrow, must of thought that Paris 'My daddy owns a worldwide multi-million dollar hotel business so i dont have to do anything but strut the red carpet while commoners have to work just to afford the rent bill' Hilton needed a little reality Cheque check. So in true Banksy fashion he replaces the new album of Miss Hilton's which was just about to hit the shelfs, with what one can only describe as a total remix with a little sprinkle of a kick in the teeth.



Isit just me or is anyone just slightly about to commit suicide, if anyone attempts to play that Doctor track Have a man?, i heard that track it feels like back in 2002, ok ok i heard it on Run the Roads 2 and even then it was getting a touch old. Now i hear that the man is about to Professionally release it into the charts. God bless us all.

Tinchy Styder.. Ring my phone your long!

Logan Sama... Will you mix my compilation cd!?

So if you havent caught the latest from Logan Sama's war report.. (Where you beeeenn) Catch it Kiss 100 every monday 11pm till 1am.

So literally everyone and their best friends hitting at Wiley, Its weird though how Skepta and Jme arent getting involved which could be a smart move. Wiley is getting taken for a clown but hes hitting back hard. Just heard the Mercston dub to Wiley, its only 20seconds long (his change ran out)

Never attempt to sit down after Tempa T you could be taken for a plum

"Thats my cousin Tempz, allow it (pleaseee pretty pleaseee dont swinnng for my cousin my aunty will beat me)"


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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