Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You called out my name on radio, and when i phoned your phone all you said was sorry

Like my dad would say, "There are two choices... You either tidy your room or say bye F*cking bye to your allowance every month... its your choice" i tidied that room quicker than people lock into to kiss 100 on a monday night. Although in the case of the Grime scene, its not as easy of a choice when theres such a decisive matter at hand.

The Movement (Ghetto, Scorcher, Mercston "FREE MERCSTON!! yeah great lets have another rapist out there to jump me as a walk home.. yeah good one", Wretch 32, Devlin(? he randomly got involved over talks of whos the best white mc! why you begging it for its blatenly me. I'd merk you of in a SECCCCCKKKKKLLLEE) Vs Wiley.. Seeing as scorcher couldnt think of no more old grandad jokes and other sly remarks to kiddy fiddling he pulled bars out for Frisco!
Jme & Skepta aint getting involved! apparently!?

The talk of the town aka RWD FORUM is that the reason for all this free dashings of Wileys Tunnel Vision's is that Ghetto mugged Wiley in broad daylight (and not for his change and watch but for his laptop), I heard Wiley didnt put much of a fight up because he had his young baby daughter with him. I'm sure if Mercston was out, he would of taken care of her, im sure of it.

So Wiley's battling off a whole crew and to me it looks like hes making bigger movements than the whole lot of them. I mean making 4 fully fresh beated mixtapes, new bars and allsorts of hits on is tough for anyone but Wiley, Hes on top of things. (Dont throw away them Wileytracker's too soon though)

I saw Scorcher the other day trying to whisper into some mans ear, ("Yo you gotta man?" Dont blame me, blame the Doctor!) and i thought his choice in the Grimewar of 2006 was some what straight up obvious, obviously not.

Frisco's Dub merking Scorcher

God's Gift Dub for Scorcher


  1. Like the new design, shouldn't people be making music and pushing the scene forward rather than going at Wiley. This guy gets more digs thrown at him than the fatty in a playground.

  2. Hey babycakes!

    Yes we are both 'sloppy journalists'.

    isnt it great?

    ps I need my Booty Talk 22 dvd back asap.

  3. Can I stick my neck out to say that Tunnel Vision is the best mixtape I've heard all year...cos it is!

  4. its definitly a really big look! and im looking forward to hearing the rest of the tunnel visions!

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Ghetto's a good MC but leavin music aside The Movement are complete dicks only dicks get locked up for the reasons scorcher and ghetto did and merkston is a rapist so deserves to get a beating and then spend the rest of his life in a tiny cell. if ghetto did nick wiley's laptop then he's and even bigger wasteman what kind of coward poof jacks a laptop from someone who's holdin a baby.

  6. Anonymous11:42 PM

    go to ghetto's myspace. look at what comes up when u click the WILEY Diss.

    I didnt tell you.

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    fuck u wid ur fake info wiley ne grandad u probley leng him FREE MERKSTON ALDAY LONG FUCK U HATERS

  8. everyones entitled to their opinions. BUT rape isnt a big look!

  9. Anonymous7:59 PM

    i have seen the movement dvd and it was entertaining but i would have to agree on the rape thing it aint a fresh look ! im not from london so big up everyone involved in the whole grime industry its gettin out there so keep going.
    wiley is well known where im from tunnel vision series is popular, but devlin is well known already and he aint been around that long !

  10. Anonymous9:23 PM

    ...U Lot are fckin idiots...n whoeva made this site is a fuckin dohnut, the movement are the best fing out in the grime scene 2 date. i really cant see how pricks lyk u can say anyfing bad about der coldest click in the underground scene...n wots wid der sly insults about mercston bein a rapist...wileys a pedo...he touches kids...if i had 2 choose, blud ild b a rapist


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