Friday, October 13, 2006

Boy Better Know Signs to 679 Recordings...


Obviously this is good news, but any girl Lady Sovereign gets Jay-z to sign her and Jme gets left with Mike Skinner. Hmmm.. Lets hope Jme gets what he wants from the scene and establishes himself in the commercial world. We all know hes one of the main players in the Grime Scene whos got that business mind frame. I can see it now, Prince Harry with his exclusive William Better Know tshirts, Front covers of Heat and Ok with glamourous pictures of Jme with his Big Tasty and Skepta with his tool hanging out of his boxers Gay times maybe. Wiley running How to be late/dont turn up and still be around at academic level. You never know what my come in the future...
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  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    This isn't true. Where do u people get your info? Rumour mill overdrive! Fiddy

  2. lol well apparently some man from Major Fm/ukrecordshop keeps spreading rumours about random things, i tried to confirm it with JME but he gave me a wind full of air BUT now we have the real answer, so THANK YOU!

  3. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Rumour mill overdrive??? Well the pic is effing jokes still even if he aint signed. Dick Tata


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