Wednesday, October 11, 2006

L dot man - Impatiently Waiting Track 16 Is the result of a rowdy football hoolagons drunken night out..................... Sick!


My Grime dreams are back, Last week Prancehall and i had some sort of exchanging of bodyfluids. Which ended up lasting 10minutes due to fact he dumped me for Jammer and posted pictures of my bits and bobs on his blog. Then the other day i had some random dream which involved my dad (Biggest Charmer Ever) trying it on with Chantelle Fiddz (she was on it like a pigeon on them lions in Trafalgar Square). What's next for me? Making love to skeptas fluffy hats!? *Note to self.. Buy fluffy white , hmmm maybe even a chocolate hat*

Styleslut and i were robbed by The Streets, They took my bag, my favourite pen and they even took my little cuddly owls - OWLY & TRACY!
OK! all they actually stole from us was the DMA award for best music blog. I came a random 24th and Styleslut 5th (They slept with the judge).

Lady Fury >> Bearman with bait make-up and a toddler size adidas tracksuit.
( I still have that bait Sex camera phone video of you Mwahaha)

Its mad how each and everytime i step into Stratford, Tempa T and his fluffy high top always seem to find their way to me. Another Mc spotted... Ears literally 2seconds later munching on a JerkBurger with little cute plaits, another person was spotted but i could get head butted if i share that destination with you.

I have a couple little projects on the go... Grimedon (Hotspots of Grime) and a little thing about the hard work put into the scene which is never focused on.

Apart from that... Getting drunk everynight, and merking Tuesday Quiz Night is a must for the everyday student.

The Students Guide to Grime living will be finished sooooon.

Jme you're a star on the flash buttons!!!!!!


Out Now

ANOTHER THING... Wiley trying it with D Double and Footsie!? whats that all about...


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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