Saturday, November 11, 2006

Do it... JUST DO IT!!


Prancehall introduced Do it, to a mixed range of weird posh white wackies
and a bunch of bootilicious stylish black individuals, on top of the Old Blue
Last Pub. Sets ranging from crunked out Trick daddy and Trina
(Oh shut up) , to a touch of Funky House and then a full blown set of Slix
and Dirty Dangerous (Ruff Squad). Mad dread man aka Murkle man aka
Jammer was unleashed upon us a little after and shook the floor literally.
Many looked comfortable with the sounds showering their ears, some looked
like they were scared of getting jacked (No one was, that I no of).
(Big up Diana for directing me all the way there AND Precious for hating me
because I said the building was Blue, my bad).

Do It, apart from being a bit hot under the collar is an extremely decent edition to the growing Grime nights. The mc's who I actually got to see were Slix and Dirty Dangerous who brought on a couple extra of Ruff Squad members to spit on stage, including producer Rapid.


They heated up the crowd till literally sweat was dripping off everyones
forehead. Dirty Dangerous got so heated his fingers started smoking off...
or so he said maybe he just linked one girl before the night.


Slix was blatenly hinting that he wanted to dance with me but its bait who
I had my eyes on...


Lights for a £1, how on earth could I refuse them swinging hips and
that sexy smile...


Rapid was there spitting with his old school garage flow, but he did resemble
a mannequinwhen he was spitting... he didnt move a centimetre!
Their performance was average until Slix began spitting "Downnn Downnn...",
I was grateful that I brang my imaginary bullet proof vest because gun finger
shots were flying through the crowds smoky atmosphere.


Their enthusiasm in their vocals seemed to be slacking, until Mr Jammer
entered the room. Trust me they dont call him Merk-all (Murkle) man
for nothing. He was so energetic in his delivery his dreads were flying
around like some kind of propeller, he might aswell of had his cape on
because he was in flight.

9small 10small

He delivered several exclusive tracks from his recently released Neckle
Camp album. Including his classic Murkle Man and showed the other
acts up with his eagerness to please the crowd. He brought along Stutta
(From the Track Konk that also featured Jammer) and C Gritz who
contributed to Jam's out of breath performance.


Big up C Gritz on losing his belt, he was struggling with keeping them jeans up.
Maybe a couple sly hints to the groupies in the crowd!?


Overall the night got a hyper level rating of 3/5, I hear this has become regular
monthly event so make sure you come to the next one. I would recommend 'Do it',to every grime lover who also enjoys other genres like Hiphop. Turn up before 9pm, you dont want to have missed some special guests and let it ruin your night. Also body spray is a must, it gets a little heated.

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