Monday, November 06, 2006

I didnt wanna disrespect you, im sorry if i vexed you. no more bitching, no more fights and no more reasons for you to cry...


The ongoing trial with Crazy Titch finally ended abruptly with Carl Dobson (Titch)
and Anthony Green being sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder.
BBC News for the full story.
I would make a little joke of it and how hes proberly investing in steal plated
Y-fronts, but this is a serious issue within the grime scene.
Guns and murder arent to be messed about with, and if you want to play
around with it then this is most likely the ending result.
The issue of what it was over was because Durty Goodz was apparently
told he was out of touch with his roots, or something or other is a
common senario of the usual causes of the 'beef' that occurs.(its dumb)
LEARN YOUR LESSONS. [Skepta] Murder ain't a joke or a laugh [/Skepta]

Talking of Guns and all that balony, Rolldeep have cleverly fooled The Metropitan Police in paying 100k for their new music video. The funny thing is that you cant actually listen to the 'music video' because you get distracted by the mini movie, and you cant properly watch the video because the track covers up what their saying half the time. Maybe im being a little too critical, alot of people are saying that roll deep arent proberly the best 'crews' to be doing this job seeing as most the time they are chating about guns. Although in this video i never hear the lyrics DONT USE GUNS... they're simply displaying the possible outcome of holding one.

Did anyone notice how they got Dizzee to come represent aswell...

Ok... well it looks like dizzee in the old days....

I come across this from Pirate Sessions Tv, it was recorded in the summer
but it could be pretty useful to some of the budding producers out there.

Davinche doing a Skitz Beats from PHTV


  1. What song are the lyrics in the title taken from? I've heard it on an old pirate radio rip but haven't been able to figure out what it is.

    "I didnt wanna disrespect you, im sorry if i vexed you. no more bitching, no more fights and no more reasons for you to cry..."

    Help much appreciated!

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    i've got the track but i need to know who sings it. so if someone knows let me know.


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