Monday, November 20, 2006

"It was all Mee'ohhh'eeeee"


A month had swiftly gone by and the countdown to 'Dirteeeeee' Canvas was rapidly ticking down to its final shower hour. With a line up that included Frisco (Boy Better Know) and D Double E (Newham Generals), this night was ready to be the best DC yet.


DJ Magic delved our minds through a set of timeless classics, mixed with up to date exclusives, from Lethal B's Fire Camp "Pow" to his old days of More Fire Crew with "Oi". SubZero with "Who am I", Mercston & Ghetto's "Good old days", "Xtra" and "Died in your arms" from the Guns and roses stars Ruff Squad were among the various new tracks played.


Skepta waited for a mic but just couldn't wait


"Go on then, Go on then.... DRAW FOR THE TOOL CUP"


Skepta must of clocked ....




Frisco... You're on stage... WAKE UP




5,4,3,2...........1 well someone felt the backwind.


This performance was Alot!! (Thank you DJ Chewy for takin my camera
and taking some next angle pictures)


Zezi was on FIRE!!... well her fingers were...

Frisco appeared and made his way through the crowd, with fellow Boy Better Know associate, Skepta. They grabbed the mics and Skepta certainly proved that he was "not an average Joe though..." Sporting the most glamorous of Boy Better Know t-shirts to date, Skepta's performance glistened in very way. From his various "Go on then", "Ooh my diddy" bars to his "I'm like Pizza Hut and you're like Pizza Go Go" current lyrics. His enthusiasm on stage was powerful and out performed Frisco who seemed to enjoy keeping still and dropping bars here and there (Nevertheless his performance was still decent). Gun fingers rippled through the audience, the second Pulse X's heart pounding beat was mixed in and literally happy slapped on lookers. The crowd also got to see the Boy Better Know (minus Jme) alliance spit over their Edition 4 Tropical instrumentals (which screamed to have vocals on the mixtape),this paved the way for the next performers.

It was obvious there would be some sort of excitement in the air, by now. Expectations were high and it wasn't a secret of how D Double E's duplex pulsating mic techniques could accelerate his audience into an animated group of flying aroused hands and drive anyone's feet into inflamed skanking. We were all ready, prepared and had oxygen masks at the ready for a breath taking performance.


D Double E, although at first seemed to have trouble working the mic, eventually dropped his signature "Signal". Although no one realised that the several hours of waiting would result in only one single track P.A. "I do it in the rave and everybody goes mental", was the exact reaction, and no sooner was he on the stage, he was off. Monksta must have felt the mix emotions of anger and distress throughout the venue. He took the mic although deja vu crossed the crowd's minds as he too left within several minutes of being on stage. Although Disappointed many fans politely asked for photos, this is where the obvious unprofessional mind frame came apparent and most were rejected.
Signed by Dirtee Stank and can't even turn up on time (Apparently it took them hours to find somewhere to park), or easily take pictures with fans. Dylan might need to share a couple of harsh words with them.


With all of the previous Dirty Canvas nights having outstanding performances and turnouts, I wouldn't even let D Double E get their record down. The next DC on the 2nd December is set to be a big one with a big line up, so make sure to check this space soon for the line up.

P.S (can i even do a PS on here, F*ck it)

I met Chantelle Fiddy and she was Fab!! (Mr Owly was on it)


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    big up yaself hyper!"!

    See you on the 2nd


  2. im liking this new reflective boybetterknow tshirt. its like a shiny football sticker from the '90s.

  3. when I heard Skepta was going to be there I was gutted to be missing it, but just a one song PA from Double? Jeesus...

    Still, sounds good up until then.

  4. Yeah well... it was his longness that ruined the night o well... looking forward to next weekend!! havent yet to see JME at DC so hopefully most of the mcs will stay on and not do a D Double... and leave half way through their first track!


  5. Yet to see JME? Don't tell me you missed the Boy Better Know/Ruff Sqwad nite, Hyper...

  6. ive seen jme perform many times just not at DC... Yeah i was overly p*ssed... because i was hoping it turned out crap but then everyone was hyping for centurys about how fabulous it was.

    You better make your way to the next DC its going to be "alot" lets hope so. Maybe DC should book Newham Generals for a set again... and then accidently forget to pay them...

  7. Yeah yeah, I just meant @ Dirty Canvas. I won't go on about how great it was; sounds like it's been rubbed in yr face enough!

    Ruff Sqwad are at the next one, right? wish I could go, but I don't make Ps like Skepta, so can't be booking flights for no reason...


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