Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You're not serious, cos you got an akademics tracksuit... BLUD i'll BEAT YOU up (Jme loves his brand spanking new bars)

Raj at Dirty Canvas(2)

Raj Kapone shows the real 4 steps of the kapone skank.

1) - Rub the hands flex - He's excited, Rubbing his hands is a sign of expertise... "I know what i'm doing cuz... step back!". Smile is important, although smiling could make you look like a muppet it needs to be practiced.

2) - Clip Clip Mc - With the head peak aiming high, holding his hands fully in front with forefingers acting as if they are inside the clip of a loaded gun. Eyes closed, fully concentrating... Bars are about to fly.

3) - Watch, Pow - Mouth Pouting is obviously Rajs main love, and is something he obviously practices on a regular basis. Fingers straight in the air... Chain in full view, this is a real Grime classic.

4) - Pinocchio - This is the Grime version of Bashments Dutty whine. I saw Logan trying this the other week while he was mixing, it was alot.

Boy Better Know - Track 13 called Anger Room
Intro sounds like a rip off of The Booo Krooo chorus

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Quick Competition Time

I've been wanting to do this for a while but been rushed off of my feet like some kind of panda. If you answer correctly you will receive a free copy of Guns & Roses Vol2.

Who is the image above of?

Answer in Comment box/email me (
I like to give away stuff for free. I'm weird.


This was won by Geo...

Email me to let me know where you want me to send it to.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Skitz Beats album launch party at the ICA - Dirty Canvas - 2nd December

Jammer, Ruff Squad, Jme, Brazon and Tempa T...
Expect energy and more special guests.

Show two fingers to the racists...- Thursday 30th November


lmhrback copy

*Press the lower flyer to see the line up in a bigger form*

Fabulous music and while your dancing away you can smile,
because you're there for an immensely political reason!

Be there or miss a whole showcase of talent...

Over 18+ (Take ID, its not about going and having to go back home because
you thought you looked older)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Junior Armstrong.... He would of never faked the mission to the moon!


With the whole "N.A.S.A" catchphrases spreading through Grime crowds quicker
than you can say "Adenuga brothers". I thought i might
aswell explain to the many that are following in their catch phrases and
don't have a thought in their right mind of what it's about. Since my blogs had
around 1500 hits just dedicated to 'What does Poomplex mean?'
Well this is what the whole N.A.S.A thing means...

"When the crowd makes so much noise its like a shapeship lifting off..."

I also wanted to take this little opportunity to inform you on a free download available
on Skepta's myspace. It's sick, literally full throttle 700mph into space in a
spaceshuttle, kind of sick... It's alot.

Download (Spaceshuttle freestyle)

Monday, November 20, 2006

"It was all Mee'ohhh'eeeee"


A month had swiftly gone by and the countdown to 'Dirteeeeee' Canvas was rapidly ticking down to its final shower hour. With a line up that included Frisco (Boy Better Know) and D Double E (Newham Generals), this night was ready to be the best DC yet.


DJ Magic delved our minds through a set of timeless classics, mixed with up to date exclusives, from Lethal B's Fire Camp "Pow" to his old days of More Fire Crew with "Oi". SubZero with "Who am I", Mercston & Ghetto's "Good old days", "Xtra" and "Died in your arms" from the Guns and roses stars Ruff Squad were among the various new tracks played.


Skepta waited for a mic but just couldn't wait


"Go on then, Go on then.... DRAW FOR THE TOOL CUP"


Skepta must of clocked ....




Frisco... You're on stage... WAKE UP




5,4,3,2...........1 well someone felt the backwind.


This performance was Alot!! (Thank you DJ Chewy for takin my camera
and taking some next angle pictures)


Zezi was on FIRE!!... well her fingers were...

Frisco appeared and made his way through the crowd, with fellow Boy Better Know associate, Skepta. They grabbed the mics and Skepta certainly proved that he was "not an average Joe though..." Sporting the most glamorous of Boy Better Know t-shirts to date, Skepta's performance glistened in very way. From his various "Go on then", "Ooh my diddy" bars to his "I'm like Pizza Hut and you're like Pizza Go Go" current lyrics. His enthusiasm on stage was powerful and out performed Frisco who seemed to enjoy keeping still and dropping bars here and there (Nevertheless his performance was still decent). Gun fingers rippled through the audience, the second Pulse X's heart pounding beat was mixed in and literally happy slapped on lookers. The crowd also got to see the Boy Better Know (minus Jme) alliance spit over their Edition 4 Tropical instrumentals (which screamed to have vocals on the mixtape),this paved the way for the next performers.

It was obvious there would be some sort of excitement in the air, by now. Expectations were high and it wasn't a secret of how D Double E's duplex pulsating mic techniques could accelerate his audience into an animated group of flying aroused hands and drive anyone's feet into inflamed skanking. We were all ready, prepared and had oxygen masks at the ready for a breath taking performance.


D Double E, although at first seemed to have trouble working the mic, eventually dropped his signature "Signal". Although no one realised that the several hours of waiting would result in only one single track P.A. "I do it in the rave and everybody goes mental", was the exact reaction, and no sooner was he on the stage, he was off. Monksta must have felt the mix emotions of anger and distress throughout the venue. He took the mic although deja vu crossed the crowd's minds as he too left within several minutes of being on stage. Although Disappointed many fans politely asked for photos, this is where the obvious unprofessional mind frame came apparent and most were rejected.
Signed by Dirtee Stank and can't even turn up on time (Apparently it took them hours to find somewhere to park), or easily take pictures with fans. Dylan might need to share a couple of harsh words with them.


With all of the previous Dirty Canvas nights having outstanding performances and turnouts, I wouldn't even let D Double E get their record down. The next DC on the 2nd December is set to be a big one with a big line up, so make sure to check this space soon for the line up.

P.S (can i even do a PS on here, F*ck it)

I met Chantelle Fiddy and she was Fab!! (Mr Owly was on it)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Derkhead + Tropical - Out Now

Editions 3 & 4 - OUT NOW

I think he said everything that needs to be said, I'm just about to go get my copy so ill update you on how good it is.. TA TA

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November: Grime Lookalike of the Month


Bobby appeared in the Channel 4 show 'Black farmers'. Its Alot...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006



Grime was never produced for her majesties pleasure, but with an increasing amount of MCs going down faster than Paris Hilton, we try and find out exactly why it is that more and more grime artists are behind bars rather than spitting them.In a relatively short space of time, Grime as grown from a musical off shoot of Garage, into one of the most exciting and innovative music genres in the UK today. Take a walk down any given High Street in East London and you'll find the next wannabe Dizzee Rascal or Kano patrolling the ends with their goons. Ask them to rhyme for you and you'll be showered on with a lyrical outpouring of shanks, lengths and ounces, as the certain younger tries to assert their street credibility to; yourself, their crew, and probably more likely themselves. Go home and tune the wireless in to your local pirate and doubtlessly you'll hear the kids' heroes reciting measure of the same sort. So is it any wonder that a large community of rhymers have found themselves locked up like Akon?


I met Raj Kapone the other day.... I was chating pure sh*t, I made an excuse that I was drunk!I WASNT! although I dont know if he remembered me coming up to him at the last dirty canvas and asking him what Rwd was and what grime was.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Do it... JUST DO IT!!


Prancehall introduced Do it, to a mixed range of weird posh white wackies
and a bunch of bootilicious stylish black individuals, on top of the Old Blue
Last Pub. Sets ranging from crunked out Trick daddy and Trina
(Oh shut up) , to a touch of Funky House and then a full blown set of Slix
and Dirty Dangerous (Ruff Squad). Mad dread man aka Murkle man aka
Jammer was unleashed upon us a little after and shook the floor literally.
Many looked comfortable with the sounds showering their ears, some looked
like they were scared of getting jacked (No one was, that I no of).
(Big up Diana for directing me all the way there AND Precious for hating me
because I said the building was Blue, my bad).

Do It, apart from being a bit hot under the collar is an extremely decent edition to the growing Grime nights. The mc's who I actually got to see were Slix and Dirty Dangerous who brought on a couple extra of Ruff Squad members to spit on stage, including producer Rapid.


They heated up the crowd till literally sweat was dripping off everyones
forehead. Dirty Dangerous got so heated his fingers started smoking off...
or so he said maybe he just linked one girl before the night.


Slix was blatenly hinting that he wanted to dance with me but its bait who
I had my eyes on...


Lights for a £1, how on earth could I refuse them swinging hips and
that sexy smile...


Rapid was there spitting with his old school garage flow, but he did resemble
a mannequinwhen he was spitting... he didnt move a centimetre!
Their performance was average until Slix began spitting "Downnn Downnn...",
I was grateful that I brang my imaginary bullet proof vest because gun finger
shots were flying through the crowds smoky atmosphere.


Their enthusiasm in their vocals seemed to be slacking, until Mr Jammer
entered the room. Trust me they dont call him Merk-all (Murkle) man
for nothing. He was so energetic in his delivery his dreads were flying
around like some kind of propeller, he might aswell of had his cape on
because he was in flight.

9small 10small

He delivered several exclusive tracks from his recently released Neckle
Camp album. Including his classic Murkle Man and showed the other
acts up with his eagerness to please the crowd. He brought along Stutta
(From the Track Konk that also featured Jammer) and C Gritz who
contributed to Jam's out of breath performance.


Big up C Gritz on losing his belt, he was struggling with keeping them jeans up.
Maybe a couple sly hints to the groupies in the crowd!?


Overall the night got a hyper level rating of 3/5, I hear this has become regular
monthly event so make sure you come to the next one. I would recommend 'Do it',to every grime lover who also enjoys other genres like Hiphop. Turn up before 9pm, you dont want to have missed some special guests and let it ruin your night. Also body spray is a must, it gets a little heated.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

I didnt wanna disrespect you, im sorry if i vexed you. no more bitching, no more fights and no more reasons for you to cry...


The ongoing trial with Crazy Titch finally ended abruptly with Carl Dobson (Titch)
and Anthony Green being sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder.
BBC News for the full story.
I would make a little joke of it and how hes proberly investing in steal plated
Y-fronts, but this is a serious issue within the grime scene.
Guns and murder arent to be messed about with, and if you want to play
around with it then this is most likely the ending result.
The issue of what it was over was because Durty Goodz was apparently
told he was out of touch with his roots, or something or other is a
common senario of the usual causes of the 'beef' that occurs.(its dumb)
LEARN YOUR LESSONS. [Skepta] Murder ain't a joke or a laugh [/Skepta]

Talking of Guns and all that balony, Rolldeep have cleverly fooled The Metropitan Police in paying 100k for their new music video. The funny thing is that you cant actually listen to the 'music video' because you get distracted by the mini movie, and you cant properly watch the video because the track covers up what their saying half the time. Maybe im being a little too critical, alot of people are saying that roll deep arent proberly the best 'crews' to be doing this job seeing as most the time they are chating about guns. Although in this video i never hear the lyrics DONT USE GUNS... they're simply displaying the possible outcome of holding one.

Did anyone notice how they got Dizzee to come represent aswell...

Ok... well it looks like dizzee in the old days....

I come across this from Pirate Sessions Tv, it was recorded in the summer
but it could be pretty useful to some of the budding producers out there.

Davinche doing a Skitz Beats from PHTV

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

*Young at heart.... You're so Young at HEART!*

There comes a time in a young womans life when she discovers that she cant stuff her face
with chocolate (Caburys caramel) and crisps (French Fries the ready salted ones) without
being apart of the Obesity movement. Where she cant stay up raving all through the night without a second of sleep and not have bigger black bags than the Co-op.
Wrinkly and saggy skin, losing touch with the world, thinking your past ageing experiences
out shine everyone elses. The loss of knowledge of fashion and the loss of control of your
body gases.

These are the classic tell-tell signs of the cases of 'getting on a bit', We are all young at
heart, but imagine if we were around to see what they really thought!? If they shared the
same knowledge and the similar interests with music to us, THE YOUTS...
This is a tiny little thing i put together but trust me... My Nan is making big wrinkles in
the game so she'll be up on here soon...

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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