Monday, December 31, 2007

Wiley makes you smiley!?

Some one was VERY bored over christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Open House

Now I understand its Christmas and we're already trying to think of excuses to get out of Christmas dinner/picking up the ripped up wrapping paper so we can slyly listen to the xmas radio specials. Although I understand some of you, YES YOU, are fed up of me blabbing my opinions about like I'm some topper top egotistic brat, so in edition to this which is just a ONE off Up and Coming slot I'm not sure yet),BUT at the end of every month I will be adding special grime freestyles from established emcee's to the guys who are just getting their foot in the door (I've been trying to set this up for ages but I'm long and so are artists). I'm not trying to start a revolution just something that keeps us a little occupied between radio and long awaited/delayed mixtapes/albums. So feel free to give your honest opinions, advice (like GIVE UP!) or just curse. The official December will be put up after Christmas.

Gracious K - Freestyle (DVA - Kill All A Dem)

Disclaimer: I do not have bats and gats.
Prancehall, Thank you for finding the best audio player/uploader

Crack open the water melon and pour the Shloer ~> Christmas Radio

Sunday 23rd December (Excited Season)
Westwood - BBC 1Xtra - 10pm till Midnight (Trim)
Maximum - Rinse FM - 9pm till 11pm
(Special Guests, Wiley? Skepta? JME? Meridian? Roll Deep?)

Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Logan Sama - Kiss 100 - 11pm till 1am

Tuesday 25th December (Christmas Day)
Spyro Back to Back (no homo) with Mak 10 - Rinse FM - 7pm till 9pm

There's more on Rinse but it's all YET to be confirmed.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sometimes I spit fast but still breathing bars Chips on class, Don't flow like I'm on glass, class A never that mate

Guess who, can you tell who it is yet?

People are quick to jump on the I hate Lauren Mason bandwagon but don't flick an eye lid (Well they do) about Westwood back shotting grime and the other wasters clogging up my sink. Go and hassle 8T2, his stuff is like so cutting edge - cutting the edge of my ear off kind of business.

Anyone who hasn't listened to or bought these new Rinse mix sessions should jump infront of a train. Rinse 01 had a selection of dubstep & grime and was mixed by Geeneus. Rinse 02 has recently been released and is primarily a dubstep mix by Skream. I wouldn't say I know too much about Dubstep but it's definitely a nice introduction to the sound, well not exactly the whole sound since most of the productions are Skream's but it's got a nice vibe throughout. Coki - Triple 6 is some Industrial factory madness and don't forget Coki - Road Rage. Don't get me wrong Skream's stuff is good aswell but these beats shined through all the other same old beats.
I will see who the next installment is from but I hope it's Spyro, come on Rinse - hook him up.


I went to Tinchy's Live Islington show nearly a fortnight ago with supporting acts, The Real Heat (Big up Styleslut like a 9months ago for booking these girls) who didn't get too much crowd reaction until they started shouting 'Lick me out!' Fuda guy hyped up the crowd for Tinchy and I heard Spyro was drunk out of his face but still performed really well. The rest of Ruff Squad popped out for Xtra and all in all was a generous amount of fun. I will try and do a full review throughout Christmas because you missed a decent night. Especially missing me getting elbowed countless times by a huge crowd of white indie kids (I know I'm white but hey we'll ignore that for the minute).

I've also heard some gossip from the grapevine that Ruff Squad aren't that tight anymore, some what of a Roll Deep type crew, jealousy and road beef. I also heard that Slix is signed and has been for a while to a Swedish label!? Someone could of been itching my leg because it does seem too random to even ask him.
Did anyone hear me on Scratcha's Breakfast show the other day? Straight firing the old 80/90's tracks out. If you missed it imagine for a second Benga & Coki's Night mixed under Rednex - Cotton eye joe. Straight leng a man down.

Lee Brasco - Drastic Measures (Free Downloadable Mixtape)

lee brasco
Lee Brasco by Robin Bharaj

Download Here

To find out more about Brasco check out:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Skepta stands in a corner

l_e5540a367c02436725a66bca7bf8cf28 copy
Skepta & Logan 'Mannequin' Sama (Right) and one guy from Men In Black

Skepta has finished posing for his new video - In a Corner, which I wasn't invited to because apparently I would of stole the show or something? They didn't clear up the details but I'm sure the video goes along these lines:

All the artist's stand in a corner, screw face and have a bottle of champagne in their hand.

Anyone who doesn't like this track UNBLOCK your ears you probably use cocoa butter to paint walls and have Alvin & the Chipmunk's album on regular rotation.

Dirty Canvas/Audio Lab - Saturday 29th December


Nice little line up there with Ghetto, Wiley and Tempa T
but I wonder who Ice Kid will roll with, Ghetts or Will?

I may try and take two in one night (no hoe flexing YA C ME)

Lauren Mason1

Lauren Mason, Wiley, Tinchy and Scratcha which is a nice little line up, too bad about DJ 'Dirty cherryade pop' Cameo. Ear plugs at the ready.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm that girl that's why - Run up in a shop I'm something like Bushkin like that, that, that, that, that's mine

The most exciting thing ever happened this week, Logan forgot to turn off the mic through one track on his Kiss 100 slot ~( yes people, I know it was this year's highlight. We heard coughing and random grime banter. Shall I go on? no.

Enjoying the time with no uni are we Mr Adenuga? FINISH YOUR ALBUM.


Did anyone catch JME & Skepta in New York? It was last week I think and to cut a long story short - Westwood is a Muppet. "Skepta have you got a question for LL?" - like he's a 4 year old girl with his mum, who's taking him to the Santa grotto and LL Cool J's there with nothing but a red and white hat on, all wetted up, licking his lips like Skepta came (no homo) all that way to ask LL a question - Total PAR. They done a freestyle over that terribly outdated Soulja Boy Crank Dat (Which if you look deeply has the words - DONT BUY - in there somewhere, coincidence? NEVER!) instrumental. I think Skepta was trying to really impress the yanks with his new lyrics from his new track (video here). Which in my view didn't really impress me much, same with JME his 1,2,3 bars are possibly the weakest I've ever heard. These guys usually come strong but we all have our bad days, I'll blame it on bush. President Bush that is, don't get it TWISTED. What was Westwood thinking getting 2 of our biggest grime artists to spit over some commercial hiphop? I wouldn't be surprised if Westwood thought Crank Dat was grime.

Download JME & Skepta in New York - Freestyle here

While we are talking about Mr Westwood download the freestyle of when he had Ghetto on his show. Note that Ghetto had to bring in his own beats. No Comment.

It's certainly nice for the BBC to give Westwood ANOTHER show, especially as most of the artists he throws on there are all grime and we all know that Westwood knows his grime knowledge.

- "Yeah Westwood Ghetto's on your show today"
Westwood- "Yo Baby we got a brother from my home town Compton, Crank Dat"

BBC 1xtra must of thought, Spyro? Vectra? Maximum? Skepta? Mak 10? Logan?
Nah, just give Westwood another show and give him another bomb. He's the best person to represent is he? Of course you may say, Hyper stop moaning!? I won't, EVER!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Way Back When - Chipmunk

Oh wow, wouldn't it be good to see Wiley spitting before his voice broke, Chipmunk sounds mad different. I have to agree with other people on this, he has obviously improved. Who on earth are BDK? Some kind of division of Burger King?

Check this terrible Quality video (damn you YOUTUBE with the mb limits) from this time last year before Chipmunk was a bandwagon.

Video: Tactics Featuring BMD & Skrillz - Ready For This

I've been a fan of Tactics for a while never expected a track like this from her though. We want some rawness back, whats with the basic bars? what's going on with all this flash flash money money - I've got a bottle of champagne business, We all know most of the grime scene can just about afford a bottle of coke cola. The fast lights through London shot are a very nice touch though. One more thing to add before I go, Skrillz just because you use an automatic tuner doesn't mean you can sing.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

One Love for the mothers cry... One love blah blah blah (Can't remember the rest)

Bashy with some little boys

This isn't the reconstruction of Mercston's underage shenanigans it's actually a shot from Bashy's Black Boys Remix. The Remix which will feature over 20 people and will run at over 22minutes long (not too long then). Along with the original UK Hiphop and Grime mc's verses that some of you may already have heard, Skinny man, No Lay and Skepta have wrote exclusive new verses for the track especially for the video.

Skepta & Bashy doing a duet of Blue's - One Love

The video will be dropping in early January on most video channels (although I'm not too sure what station will let a whole 22minute video run unless it's Michael Jackson - will the video have an edit?). Along with that apparently they will also be releasing a special edition Black Boys DVD box set released on 11th February 2008 featuring the full length video, exclusive pics, behind the scene’s footage, freestyles, all the remix’s and much, much more (apparently).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The queen looks pretty in pink...

Isn't that outside the Krispy Kreme's Near the Mc Donalds in Enfield?
The slow mo on the Video 'He ain't got one bottle of Champagne - he's got two' is some back in the day Dr Dre/Snoop video effect - Jammer is one funny guy - he should do stand up he practically owns half of Def Jam anyway.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Over proof, I'm the truth, my bars are so cold that my tongue gets stuck to my tooth. So I take off my ice and rock chinchila in the booth...

Tinchy laughing at the fact his album sales came out better than the boy behind him's tooth surgery. It looks like more than his tongue got stuck to his tooth. (>insert more bad dental care jokes<) Don't forget to book your tickets for next wednesday's Tinchy Stryder Live at the Islington Academy over here.

No Lay & Ghetto (*falls asleep till Freedom of Speech is released*)

Hows life people? mines busy busy busy like a rat in a trumpet I'm doing some weekly news slot (only 20mins) every week on Pyro Radio just giving the updates of the scene, raves, videos, interviews, new up and coming music/mixtapes and some of my favourite music of that week. If anyone's bothered i'll post up the times when it airs - I think it's possibly before Mac 10's slot on friday which is 7 till 9.

7th December - 93 Feet East

Come along chaps and chapettes, anything Urban Nerd is always brapalicious.

Jammer, C Gritz, Badness & Double o - Its Alot

Now I've had issues with Badness and a good few other artists publicly on this blog. However I'm not one to give recognition to someone who doesn't deserve it especially to one or two people who save a track from completely flopping. Jammer & Badness easily shine in this track (especially as theres no homophobia in sight *puts a fake grin on with a big thumbs up*) even when the production sounds so basic and poor. From this video another thing is proven - Double O's flow is certainly not Alot. I heard there is also a launch party for It's Alot Tshirts at Stratford Rex. Yes people! they are now using any excuse for a party. Next it will be - Switching on a light Launch Party @ the Bulb next to the lamp shade station.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Need some LIVE music for your next fix?

Friday 30th November
Mumdance Vs Dirty Canvas - £7
Place: Audio @ Marine Parade, Brighton
More info:

Urban Nerd
Place: Fiesta @ The Coronet (Elephant & Castle tube)
More info:

December 6th 2007


December 12th 2007


Tinchy Stryder LIVE
Place: Islington Academy
Guests: DJ Spyro, Fuda Guy and support from The Real Heat).
Book tickets: Ticketmaster - £8.50
More Info:

New Year's Eve (31st December for all you dumb wits)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scratcha and JJ we all know that they don't play, get your a*se up early - like

Scratcha DVA & JJ - Rinse FM 8 till 11

This is one of my favourite shows on radio at the moment and they always seem to wake me up in the early hours, plus they play grime which seems to be very rare for Rinse these days. I was on there a couple of weeks ago along with Lauren Mason where we were ganged up upon beaten up and were chucked under a table and had bacon sandwichs thrown at us. Ok well that never happened but hey I was half asleep so it's live. Download that set here. I maybe on there tomorow morning if JJ will even let me threw the door to the decks. That boy was spinning on 1xtra the other day and he can't even let me drop a tune or two. It's a Par half price.

I've got a good couple of reviews to drop including the most recent Dirty Canvas and A night in the life of Rinse FM. As always Pictures and Videos along with as much as I can remember from the night will feature, for now i'll leave you with Scratch and JJ's P.A from the Rinse night.

Asher D Feat. Ghetto & Yasmin - Inside Out

Ghetto is just messing up everything these days.
Yasmin actually doesn't sound bad on this, big up
the angry screaming massive.
Isn't Low Deep from Luton?
If so BRAP! Representing my countryside.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strawberry, Blackcurrent, Apple...


Jam Jam Jam. I remember interviewing Jammer around early 07 times for B&S where he said " A lot is happening in the next couple of months" which as usual never happens but since I forgot to upload it here I thought I'd follow up with some info (since the transcript has gone running). Hot Headz Promotion are working on releasing the unseen footage from Lord of the Mics 1 & 2 which will feature the most famous never before seen moment of when inspiration came upon Jammer & the other Hot Headz team to start the series, with the clash - Jammer Vs Crazy Titch. Now he also went on to talk about his new track Sweetie pie which at the time of the interview was never even heard of - So I was excited. There was a video being shot and all sorts he even said it could push as much as Murkle Man. I was excited. Although as the months went by it was obvious that the feedback wasn't positive so i'm presuming that idea fell through. However his Top Producer Album which he has been working on over the last couple of years should be hot merchandise. Especially if D Double and Esco are on it. Anyone with any further information on this album especially a dropping date. Hit me up.


This Picture just looks too random for my liking - P*ssing in the crowd!?
Or flashing is member? I kid you not.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dirty 'gritty Jackson Pollock of a' Canvas

back front

Definitely going to pop down to this in the next couple of hours (If I ever bother to get ready - you know what woman are like - takes them 3hours to put a sock on). Of course I'm only going to see T2, not Trim, Jammer, Chippy or Logey. Nevertheless I shall give 'Bassline' a chance. If it doesn't begin to amaze the clothes off of me I shall move to Room2 and wave at Prancehall while he pretends to resist blowing kisses back (no homo since this maybe needed since I haven't shaved my beard or top lip for a week).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007



While Dizzee is 'apparently' dating that moany Victoria Beckham wannabe and running away from grime he's also modelling for Wonderbra. What next a grime record?
In other exaggerated news Dizzee was also on Rinse FM with Dirtee Stank's oldest signings Newham Generals. Will there ever be a release from possibly the worst hospital in England? Let alone a decent Album? Please let me know and send me an email at whogivesash* - Listen in on his Rinse set here

I'm making my own tshirts. 'F*CK BASSLINE'
Another year, another craze, another phaze.
I've been feeling physically sick, not only when I turn on the TV do I see DJ CAMEO (AG - AFTER GRIME) spinning T2 on his 1Xtra advert. I step on to public transport and there's kids from 12 to 55 year olds playing it out of their phones. EARPHONES PEOPLE - PUT THEM ON YOUR XMAS LIST. Then I switch on Radio 1, (where grime is more common than a pigeon underwater, skanking out to 'Switching Songs Pt2' while in a debate about the UK Underground music scene with an oyster) and T2 is literally played at least every hour. Don't get me started on Choice and Capital. If I wanted to hear a pathetic example of speed garage and vocals that make all the grime singers sound like Whitney, I'd smoke crack for a month with Dolly Pardon's Greatest Hit's being remixed in under David Beddingfield's - I Gotta Get Through This (Which is what I sing every time I hear speed garage, I mean Niche, I mean Bassline).

Been trying to find a player for my favourite Bashy - Black boys remix, couldn't so I stole this. Thank you. Take a listen to Ghetto, Scorcher and Wretch. It took me a very long time to talk to every person to let me put this up. Then just as I press the publish button I get the press release for this remix. (It's a PAR).

Bashy - Black Boys Remix (Wretch, Scorcher and Ghetto)

Also for my long absence (let's be real grime's been very quiet) download the legendary dubs from Wiley Vs Goodz.

I've been going through some strange phase of being addicted to Lauren Mason's new track. (Check out - Look out for me)


I feel sorry for 'J'.

Oh yeah Scorcher is in Pen for the next 6months.
and no he didn't hit a woman.
When you come out Scorch, bring them fire greezy bars back.
We miss them.

What do you all want for Xmas?
Dad if you're reading could I have my Porsche in yellow please.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 6/7/8/9 [catch up]

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Friday, November 16, 2007




Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dirty Canvas (Skepta's Launch Party)

Now I was unable to attend the most recent Dirty Canvas but I've heard a lot about it and thought I'd drop a couple of pictures from one of my favourite photographers of the moment, from his collection of images taken that night. TANGOO!






I invision everyone across the world attempting this hot number.

Pinch - Punch - the first day of the month - NO RETURNS.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Halloween grime edition

It's Halloween, the day that spoilt little brats go out and ask for more sweets and treats packed full of enough sugar and E numbers to confuse their mind state into thinking its fireworks night. They throw around fireworks like its peanuts, just as I'm typing this 5 boys are standing outside my flat throwing fireworks into my local shop. E numbers! Now as it is Halloween, where people seem to dress up in fancy dress I thought why not use that is a stupid excuse to mess about with my long over due photoshop skills. So if you're popping out tonight and haven't got a clue of what to dress up as, eyy become an emcee.

Now many who don't know better would chuck on a New Era hat, a baggy tracksuit and a fake chain and think the look would be complete. However here at HYPERFRANK (not that this is a place/brand, but hey just go with me in this) we understand that being/acting like an emcee takes more than the obvious especially if you want to dress up like a specific artist. Now I could be boring and list the trademarks of every emcee but instead let me report to you what other artists have told me they are doing for their own fancy dress parties.


I caught up with Big Narstie who says he loves JME, he's even taking on his style. Tracksuit bottoms/ Jeans with Boy Better Know top. Now let this be a lesson to everyone including you Mr Narstie, make sure the Tshirt fits you. If you're a 2XXL get a 3XXL, rather than Narstie being a 3XXL and wearing XS. Another thing is the puffs, JME seems to get away with it but with Narstie with the huge pub/chicken burger belly is like walking into a cupboard and finding a huge pink elephant playing musical chairs with a peacock, it's just too much eye candy. We all know he can't fit on a bmx, because it's impossible to eat while riding however it's clear the mobility scooter was a better option. The durag is an also possibility although this takes extensive dedication as some people (I myself included although will never admit to wearing one) look like total idiots.


I found Logan's diary in a pile of chicken boxes outside my flat, he was possibly taking a walk with Narstie and found that he not only enjoys dressing up as a mannequin but also his favourite mc, Lady Sovereign. Apparently while popping on tunes on Monday nights he secretly listens to Public Warning to block out all of that hiphop I mean grime he plays. Now the Sovereign look is established in several simple steps. 1) Think drag queen make up. 2) Sizing of tracksuit is eagerly the opposite of Mc Narstie's tshirt sizing. 3) Side pony is compulsory! Anyone willing to successfully complete this look (lord why would you!?). While accessing the right destination for side pony make sure hair is fully greased up with Wilkinsons economy gel and damn you better grease them hair follicles up b*tch till someone slaps you in the face and says "OHHH DEAR HIGH TOPS YOU ARE ONE SLICK-A-DI-SLICK-A-MONEY-D*CK". The angle of the SP (Keyword unless the MI5 are listening in -side pony) should be parallel to your eyebrows and 90 degrees from the rear of your head. Make sure a Sovereign ring or necklace is attached to your body throughout otherwise people might actually think you're some any crack head pushing a trolley.


Now Ghetto likes to spice things up a bit, he didn't want to just go as one artist. He thought I'll bring as many people as possible. 1) Durag - JME ("If someone touches my durag, I'll tap you on the back you old chap"or something) 2) Glasses - Lethal B (See Prancehall) 3) Earings - Bashy (Them earrings really get on my ear tips, huge B's hanging off of your ear's why!?) 4) Chain - Tinchy Stryder is reliable to turn up regularly wearing jewellery from the Woman's department of Topshop even more than my friend, who can't be named for frightened reasons, stick to your side of the topman. 5) Unique (Big H's hair) - No Comment. 6) Smack DVD - Scorcher, don't get hypnotised Scorch come back to grime. 7) Crack pipe - Wiley - It makes you do stupid things doesn't it will - I hear you enjoy dressing up but not just on special occasions. 8) Baseball Bat - Tempa T - It's not a D*ckhead ting but where's your mixtape?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Video Exclusive: Roll Deep - Racist People (Vocal Remix)

Falling off was just made visual.

Dizzee left, Wiley left, Trim left, we should just leave them guys in ladbrokes.

I saw Riko wearing the same tracksuit in HMV last week, coping Phil Colin's Greatest hits.

Alex Mills best watch herself, trying to rub up on logan (IT'S BEEF... MY WAR DUB SOON DROP) Check behind the scenes of this video here. One more thing, anyone noticed that this is really slow. Like they slowed it down so NME's readership could understand.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

BLUD! What you know about thin black socks?

Check Jammer's cameo, not too keen on this song but the videos seems to be looking crisp. I guess I should stop praying for another Stop Dat from Dizz.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Video: Wretch 32 - Punctuation

Yes before anyone comments I'm the girl crawling out the tub.
Although Wretch promised me it wasn't being filmed.
That's the last time I paint myself black and write random words
on my body for a video, didn't even get paid.

(Disclaimer - It's not actually me so don't call me shouting, father).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 5

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 4

A night in the life of Rinse FM - CARGO


Also don't forget Skepta and guests tonight at Cargo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There's no introduction needed... I'm discusting and I'm even schooling Justin

This is from Westwood's new show on 1xtra, will the 'There's no introduction needed...' war ever conclude? I predict ... probaly never until someone says 'There's no introduction needed it's boring, make dubs or stop the fu*king 2bar indirect waring' - My albums coming out soon. Oh yeah before you log off check out the second part of this video where frisco even digs at Ghetto OVER HERE (2.19).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Does he make Eskimo dance?


Young Dot aka Dot Rotton aka Peggy Mitchel aka the Launderette dub for Wiley.
Exclusive aswell apparently - DOWNLOAD

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sign the petition to convince the BBC to take on a grime show.
Hey, if all they like is nu rave and fancy heroin addicts in skinny
jeans (disclaimer: I wear them but hey I'm allowed - I think!?)
shouting random crazed love songs about rehabs and all that jazz.
Then they might aswell give grime a nice little look in. I mean we
don't even want an amazing slot even 4am will do us fine, possibly I
mean if they take to the idea kick chris ' moley' Moyles or Jo Whiley
(take out the H (heroin) and you practically have Wiley anyway) and
chuck on Spyro. That would definitely get the listeners out of bed in
the mornings. Anyway just an idea...

Petition Petition Petition

Dirty Canvas this friday.


Skepta's Greatest Hits tour next friday (19th October) at Cargo.
Free before 9 and £10 after. Also Check out Skepta, Flow Dan,
Wiley and DJ Maximum on Rinse from 9 -11 tonight.

Friday, October 12, 2007

There's no introduction needed... I'm a nuisance and I'm even schooling Juniors.


Just like to thank everyone who voted for this 'Hyper About Grime' blog
in the 2007 BT Digital Awards. Last Year I came 24th, this year 14th.
Pretty good for a little grime blog, so thanks again to the people that took
time out to vote.

Ghetto done too much on his birthday set (46.23 - 51.05) was possibly some
of the best minutes I've heard in a long time. Griminal 'When is this mixtape
coming out?' it's your time. Little Dee taking hits at Chipmunk caught Chippy
off guard it's bait.

Big up Jaxor and Terra Kid and his guys picking up a junior spesh outside my chicken shop, it's waving season!! big up 255! Oi these guys tried to get my friend in this video, I'm glad it never happened.

Who would of thought it eyy!? Dizzee in skinny jeans -
A behind the scenes shot from Dizzee Rascal's newest
single 'Flex', with Diz taken the p*ss out of Simon Cowell.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

F*cking f*ck off you pathetic speng head of a radio

Here's Ghetto's Birthday set for you all to download:

F*ck Radio - (Sendspace) (Rapidshare)

The video footage of this will be available on the re-release of Ghetto Gospel when it hits HMV with it's bonus dvd.

Monday, October 08, 2007

a cup of cocoa and pack of digestives.

So while everyone, their mother and their next door neighbour's dog is making blogs, i've been getting back to the swing of things at university. I've been listening and popping cds in my cd player like pills and theres so much crap out. Scorcher's Thunder Power was all thunder and no lights camera action. Except for Revolver's Rest In Peace which is the only thing on there that isn't beggin uk hiphop or what we've already heard before. Even though Revolver is a total wank stain it still is an addictive song in the strangest way.

Remember what I was talking about here well I was told by a certain manager that there would be a BBK Vs Movement Clash tonight (8th October) but as I hear a certain 2 mcs weren't exactly on it because of some issues of scaredom or something or other. But instead I was informed by a source (big up National Enquirer) that Ghetto will be holding a birthday set tomorow (bloody better be now im bloggin this) with a few special guests. As soon as I get the details i'll get blogalicious.

I've heard some news about Freedom of Speech, that it will be released late december or early january and Devlin's will be dropped near enough a week after. Bud, Sweat and Beers is looking good, I've heard some new material it's dark and angry (just the way we like him).

My 27 year old sister called me up the other week and asked me did I know of someone called Kano, she got so excited she tried to tell me about how much she loves 'Ps & Qs'. Life couldn't be more f*cking random. Next ill pop round my nans and she'll be rocking a Boy Better Know Tshirt rolling in her new BMW asking me If I can shot crack for her. The only rock my nan will ever be moving is rock cakes (or scones from flo - big up flo with the purple hair)

I've got some new free free freeeestyles that I'm going to start adding to the site in a hot minute for the franky readers, from unknowns to the high rollers i'll keep it dandy.

Rattus Rattus that cd/mixtape you gave me that looked like a cd vinyl, well I just literally listened to it - I love - I love - get back to me and let me know if I can upload it for the people.

and before I go....

Prancehall you're one funny guy...
I'll stick with my kung fu style and nose ring.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

grime swings for wikipedia.


Thanks to Hij, a dedicated supporter of the scene, who has produced a wikipedia type website which will source everything and anything you need to know about GRIME. So if you're thinking how many mixtapes has Tinchy released? What colour car did Wiley sell all his white labels from the car boot? and just where can I find out where and how to get the latest releases, profiles and information about artists... then bloody press the link already.
Please note it is tightly monitored so don't try it, plus it is still under construction and needs people who know what they are talking about to add information. The final site should be hot and ready in a month or two.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What do you think of Wiley saying he's the godfather of grime? I ain't got a problem with that aslong as he knows im the KING right now


DSCF4173small DSCF4131small

Possibly one of the best interviews I've ever seen was when Peaches Geldof & Fred and Ghetto linked up in Old street a couple of weeks back and took it on themselves (Ghetto didn't take kindly to us trying to force him in a policeman's costume, any idea why?) to dress up in Star wars and Super hero costumes. Look out for the coverage of this in the newest RWD Magazine - Head to Head, thanks to Mr Raj 'Skanking' Kapone. Peaches and Fred certainly knew their stuff when it came to grime, Yes I know even I was shocked.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 1

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

For all of you that missed it and care, here it is with features from JME, Ghetto, that guy who played the police man in Eastenders, D Double E, Footsie, that little boy from Ch-Ching my bad KERCHING, Marcie Phonix and Hyper Fen (as some kind of mc's who are security bouncers aswell !?) Anyone fancy a Chinese?

Monday, September 24, 2007

We hate racist people...

DSCF4208 copy
To Target: "Why isn't Trim on the line up?"

The Love Music Hate Racism Charity have come together with grime's Roll Deep Crew to produce a video for 'Racist People'. Although as many may know this isn't the original release that many of you may of heard which featured Wiley, Trim and Scratchy. The New version has verses added on by Breeze, Riko and Flow dan along with Scratchy. While at the video shoot a fellow pal and myself tried to clear up why they didn't stick with the original, although they diverted away from the question and said " They couldn't make it" or some rubbish like that. We all know why Trim isn't there and with Wiley well - who knows!? Although I personally prefer the original the new line ups still do a good job.

DSCF4203 copy DSCF4205 copy

Let me not get away from the positive stance that not only this song is setting but what Roll Deep continously keep doing, supporting real issues. For many of you who aren't aware of the charity Love Music Hate Racism, they regularly put on rave and gigs with a mixture of artists from various different genres from hiphop to grime and indie, all around the country. They most famously put on a memorial concert for the late Anthony Walker in Liverpool, which also showcased Roll Deep on the line up which were Anthony's favourite group. They also put on regular discussions on the topic of racism and politics in universitys and local town halls around the UK. They also tend to set up these sorts of fun showcases around the target areas like Barking which has notoriously had much support from the BNP (Bald Narrow -minded- Pricks). They also do a lot as you may see from my excessive addiction to the words 'They also'.

DSCF4217 copy
I heard Logan had been practising his pose all day by researching up on Calvin Klein advertisements.

While I was there the cousin of Anthony Walker came along to feature in a few of the final shots. It was then when he and his daughters (I think) held up the pictures of Anthony and I thought to myself, here's me moaning about how Trim should be on this track and wheres Wiley and all that nonsense when just alone if this song could make an impact on one person and stop them from being influenced by - sorry for my french - d*ckheads who think it's acceptable to discriminate/bully or even kill someone for the reason of race or any other petty thing, then LMHR, Roll Deep and all the others that stood for this picture have done an amazing thing.

- Looking forward to seeing this video on our screens, especially for Black History Month. I know this isn't exactly an awards show but I may aswell act like it is I'd like to thank Mo (Director) for inviting me along, all the people at LMHR (Please can I have a Tshirt) and Raj Kapone for taking the biggest bit of pizza ever and saying that Pizza hut is better than Dominos - he must be on crack.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I got to get that dollar, get that euro, get that yen, come back to England and flip that again...


Skepta's long awaited Greatest Hits is finally available on digital download through and Itunes for £7.99 . Although on the 24th September the physical copies of this album will be available to buy in HMV and most independent record shops but is available to pre-order from several websites. HMV , Boomkat, Ukrecordshop. Skepta, as many may know will be on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 grime show tonight from 11pm till 1am to promote this album project. Lock in through Those who have got their copies already, whats your favourite tracks? In a corner, I Spy and Blood, Sweat and Tears have been my favourite from when I first heard the album. At the end of the The Journey I'm p*ssed he never made a track out of the final interwhined ringtone beat.


Also look out for the Dirty Canvas launch party for Skepta's Greatest Hits on the 19th October at Cargo. For more information on who will playing at this night, check out Cargo and Dirty Canvas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pyro Radio grabs some of the War Report

So Rinse banned Grime for a total of 4 days now so it's finally being allowed back on like some little kid who threw his toys out of his pram, hopefully we should be seeing some more reports. Last night saw Wiley, Ghetto, Tinchy, Frisco and a few others jump on Pyroradio. I've tried not to throw around the 'blah blah deaded who' so freely because you lot should decide for yourselves. Also hear a mini Tinchy Vs Ghetto and Blacks (I think at the end of the set) sending for Devlin. We want to hear directs, like I've said before it's boring to hear done out bait bars we hear so regularly.

Pyro Radio 11.09.07

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Re-Re-visited

Enjoy last night? That's only the beginning so don 't get too excited just yet. Those who missed Logan's Show last night (HOW COULD YOU?) you can listen back on and scroll down to click Logan Sama or
download some of the set here. Kano flops out as the guest so Skepta, Ghetts, Wiley and JME turn up to entertain. Listening to this on the motorway was mad I nearly crashed 10times from me skanking and flipping out my gunfingers.

"I like your mixtape cover, but I ain't feeling your mixtape brother"
Big up Scribbler.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Inside secret on the war report

Although my lips are tightly sealed I have managed to find a gap to let you all in on a little secret. Basically I can't tell you what but soon, very soon there will be something off a ground breaking moment between several parties. As soon as I get the 'good to go' you'll be the first people to know about it. Just so you know, it might feel you're waiting for A LONG time although it will be around the corner faster than you can say ICEBERG TOOTH.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Re-visited


Last night saw on Rinse it wasn't just Griminal Vs Chipmunk (and him sending back to some any south mc mems or something) but Skepta dropping in on Ghetto's set. Skepta did get him a couple of times and it was hard to hear Ghetts most of the time but like the picture says DUB FOR DUB would be grand as a pound. Why does Wiley always try and get involved in all these wars? Oh yeah Maniac is sending for some producers check the link for the war report.

Audio (Big up RWD forum)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Indirects are just fabulous


The indirects were there from a few months ago, then it went quiet. Now the public have heard one of the new tracks from Skepta's soon to drop album Greatest Hits. Skepta - I'm Here, take a listen and hear what comes after the 'There's no introduction needed' bar.
Is the hype back on? will there be dubs waiting on Logan's Kiss show on Monday the 10th or is this some clever tactics to gain album sales? either way hyperfrank loves the hype, it's her middle name (well kind of).

Oh yeah the show also had a little track showing us just what Ghetto's Freedom of Speech will be like and I like... Ghetto - Commandments

Friday, September 07, 2007

Now I'm getting older my heart is getting colder test me and its overrrrr

So I've been quiet, why? many may ask. Hiding from Badness? I'm more scared of my nan's sausage rolls (Nan I love them, I swear). Been to a load of music video shoots, caught Ghetto out in Old Street with a fruity young blonde and I've been trying to keep track of all the sly sending going on.


Before I show you anything make sure if you haven't got it already to get hold of Tinchy Stryder's new album. Available at HMV, Play, Amazon and just about every independant record store you can think of. It's a really well put together album make sure its in your collection. ( My blogs been playing up so it's been really hard to post that's why this is so late, sorry Takeover)

Been through a mad amount of mixtapes these last couple of weeks let me just point out some of the best.

Axiom EP

Just don't ask any questions buy this now! 'why?' well why wouldn't you want one of the biggest releases of this year in your collection. Switching Songs Part 2 easily compares to all 6 tunnel visions and thats just one track. One thing is though is how clever he's come across. Not just in how he comes across but the way he's come out of the shadows from a long absense and given us exactly what we wanted. Someone who's proud to say they are 'grime', using that basey grimey dubstep edge in his productions and not just chating the bait gun/knife lyrics, very refreshing. Although one thing is will it last or is he just using us for a fanbase until he releases his album, so we buy it aint then find out its full of hiphop. Only time will tell.


Got hold of this the other day and skipped through it once, he has definitely developed from his previous releases, when I've had a real listen I'll let you lot know the full review. Although last year it was obvious that this young mc had the skill to be seen and heard up there with the rest of the talent in Grime even before Wiley got his hands on him and people started to take notice.


The Ghetto 'Jus begin' is by far the best track on there.


Had this laying around for a couple of months but picked it up a couple of weeks back
and I literally can't put it down. Especially when Geeneus mixes Stage Show Riddim into Rusko's Cockney Thug, some crazy reloads on that one. I don't even know if this is available but if it i'll make sure to drop a link in the near future.


I stupidly never turned up to the Dirty Canvas a few weeks back but most of you may of heard about Ghetto turning up and a little one on one clash happened. Although I wouldn't say as many have that Wiley won, how could you win a clash by spitting some any run out bars from your album? Look for yourself Part 1 (Starts at the end), Part2 and Part3.

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