Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lady Sovereign - Scala, London 7.2.07


Fresh from the other side of the Atlantic, Lady Sovereign took centre stage
to showcase her newly released ‘Public Warning’. At one of just a few limited
performances in her home capital city of London. DJ Frampster (Sovereign’s
partner in Grime) took to the ones and twos after a satisfactory set of Beat
boxing from supporting act, Killa Kella. Frampster gave a short tutorial of
the Undergrounds finest, until Sovereign gate crashed the party with a search
for any alcoholic beverage. Grime influenced ‘Ch Ching’ and ‘Little Bit of Sh’
were opening crowd warmers, while fake tanners hid in shame after ‘Tango’
was bellowed by the varied blended audience. The Ess Oh Vee stimulated her
spectators, blow torching any criticism of her being anything but a youthful
cheeky madam with a flair for hilarious verses. ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ is no
doubt ably still an obsession as middle fingers were flying high. Luckily Police
were no where to be seen, as the swearing and praising finger signs would of
ended up in a blatant concert hall of ASBO’s. As the show gradually came to
an end, Sovereign definitely got a little bit random, with an introduction to a
newly recorded Sex Pistols cover ‘Pretty Vacant’. This punk classic left the
crowd moshing in every corner and many fanatically needing more, until the
pint sized midget left us all with a special gift. A bottle of London’s finest brew,
all over us.

Yes people I actually enjoyed a Lady Sovereign concert.
Some of you weak Emcee's could really take some pointers
from her performance wise.

I did have jokes though, DJ Frampster put on one Skepta track
and the packed out hall looked baffled. There was Hooker, D dot and
me going crashing spitting along with the lyrics with rifles in our hands.
The crowd was mixed, basically some were there because they wanted
to be Sovereign, some were there because they fancied Sov (99.9% girls)
and the rest were blatenly over 35.

Big up the girl who tried to push herself all the way to the front.
Yeah it was a Sov gig but hell I wasn't going to move. There was
pushing, there was shouting, she even chucked her drink over me.
BUT PEOPLE I DONT MOVE FOR ANYONE... unless you get a knife
out then bruv I would shine your shoes, its nothing.


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