Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How old are you? you act like a child.

Back when JME first dropped onto the scene with his SERIOUS words,
over 3 years ago now, many and I mean MANYYY thought he was terrible.
Most heard his bars over Mr Wong's Orchestra Boroughs and on D Double E's
Serious Thugs. NO single person (my opinion) took him seriously and most
Grime lovers, including myself, thought he was ANY hype emcee
and would disappear quicker than he came around.

Although 3 long years have past and if you were to ask anyone who has
any knowledge of the Grime/UK underground scenes and everyone would
mention JME as one of the best talents. No matter if you love his
music or think its average, you all secretly shout BOY BETTER KNOW
at your little brother when he stills your favourite PS2 game. Either
way through love or hate, most Grime supporters who want to see our scene
pushed into a positive limelight, have genuine respect for Mr Adenuga.
His work ethic, his management of going to University while also being more
consistent than anyone else in the Grime genre. Having his own mini clothing
line, which although are basic T-shirts, (I hear bum bags are next on his list, maybe)
STILL promote his label/music without saying a whisper.

Me beg friending some random boy. Photography by James the Hooker

He is definitely the best role model we as a music scene have as
an establishing artist. Some may argue that he isn't the best
Lyricist or the most gifted Producer we have, but overall an Artist
needs to have talent throughout and take his work & music with
some pride.

JME could be our saviour, although I'm thinking that could be the
wrong word. More of someone that shows how we can push ourselves
independently without the hassle of money scroungers aka MAJOR
Labels. He's also plain proof that someone who gets NO LOVE
can up their levels and gradually work on their flaws, although
this does take some real dedication. Seeing as most Emcee's that
come to me asking for feedback think after 3months of writing bars
they can automatically be HUGE, and get good money for mixtapes that
take them 2hours to make. They are usually exactly the same as the last
150 other emcees who have ask me to do the same. Be original.
There is already a Wiley, a Skepta, a Logan, a Tempa T and a JME. Why
would anyone want to hear another person who begs to be them apart from
the obvious excuse to laugh at them.

Thanks to Stop Begging and his beautiful high top.

Anyway... big up JME I'm REALLY proud with how far he's come and the
amount of people that are taking notice of his work. BRAPPP! Although
he has come far, he still has further steps to fill. If you enjoy his
music, or want to shout I WEAR MY OWN GARMS (well not mine but JME's)
then look out for more sexy T-shirts with colours ranging from
girly Pink to white on black. Show some love.

To read go here - Big up the fabulous RWD FORUM for the scanage


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