Thursday, March 08, 2007

Motivation Music Volume 1 (Free Download)

Motivation music vol 1
Photography for this image wasn't credited but was
by: Sugacane D

I met all three of the above when I went along to Scotland to support,
and to be honest I'd heard music from Cookie but never from Black the
Ripper and Chipmunk. From just hearing them freestyle out side one
Mc Donalds (Yes they have them in Scotland) I was damn shocked to be
surrounded by so much talent. Crumbs, (I mean Cookie) &
Black the Ripper, (who is actually a murderer, he murks off every beat)
both let me know about this fabulous project they had going. Basically
Motivation Music is a Free download, a new Volume will be available
at the beginning of every month. Apparently every new volume will feature
a new artist along with the original Black the Ripper, Chipmunk and Cookie.

Download it for FREE, FREE, FREE here

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