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I caught up with Monkstar, member of Dirtee Stank's Newham General trio, to answer the rumours about him quitting the group. What's it like being signed to Mercury Award winning Dizzee Rascal's label? And why, of all places, did I bump into him leaving Newham General (Hospital)?

What you been up to Monks?
Well I've been at home working on my own bits of music
and just doing the same old thing.

Have you left Newham Generals?

What was the main reason for leaving?
Personally I would say it was differences, I would say D (Double E
and Footsie are more similar compared to me and everyone saw that.
Even old interviews we used to do, people used to single me out
because I was different to them and would ask me, more about me.
The way I saw it was like we were all in a group, and if you have
2 similar ones and ones different, it can work, but being myself
I'll have different views, I'll have different goals and different
ways I want to do things. I just thought its better me going my
own way.

What was the last straw that made you leave?
It was just me not feeling right with it, you can do something for
a certain amount of time and it might be right for that time, but
right now I don't think its right for me.

Are you still friends with D Double E and Footsie?
Yeah of course with everyone, our manager, Dizzee, Footsie and D Double,
everyone's cool. We all can talk, I've know all them man for years still.

Would you say the group had musical differences, was it as
simple as they were doing Grime and you're more eclectic than that?
r musically did it go deeper?
I've been spitting in Grime or UK Garage or whatever for years,
that's what I'm known for, it's like I could always do that and
I always will do it but I just want to do more. I want to do a
wider variety of things, it's not even like to say I can't do it
as well as being in NG's but it's just not feeling right for me,
so I'd prefer to just move on and do my own thing.

How did they take the news?
Yeah everyone's cool and understanding because we're all on a
level and adult about things now. I spoke to Dizzee and spoke
to the manager to say like this is what I'm going to do.

Will you be working with D Double and Footsie in the future?
I don't know, you can't really predict the future but its like if
be then I would do it still. I recon I'll still be on tunes like
tunes that they are looking to put out, that I'm on, and then I'm
still going to be on it so i guess so yeah.

How did the whole Dirtee Stank signing come together?
That was more D Double, Dizzee knew all of us but he knew D Double
and it was more like he was interested in Double. At the same time,
Double was kind of involved with Footsie and me at the same time.
The split happened with Nasty Crew, we formed a little group Newham
Generals and it's like we basically had a little package already,
like a little mock album set up. We went to Nick, the manager and
he just took us all on board.

Do you feel like you're starting all over again? as Generals
progressed quite far and got signed, do you feel like you've left
that and gone back to square one?

Nah Nah never man, it depends on how you see yourself, and me
personally I always feel like I'm moving forward. I feel like
if it's a step I had to make, it's a step I made to move forward
like I could never go back because it wouldn't make sense. Down to
opportunities and say like things the manager could of hooked up
as I might not be able to do right now, but it's still all a step


The position that you left, is that the position you hope to get
to again as a Solo Artist?

Where I reached with Dirtee Stank, is in a certain category it's
like Grime - We're in a group of 3 - We're signed to Dirtee Stank,
so its like you can reach so far on that journey. I guess it will
be another direction, just do what I'm doing and get where I get.

What's happening with the Album that the 3 of you were planning
to release later on this year?

Not sure exactly your better off talking to people like Nick
for that information, the album will drop though.

The Dirtee Stank tour, which includes Dizzee Rascal and Newham
General, has already begun. Will you still be on the line up?

Nah that's the Newham Generals tour and I dropped out just before,
because I haven't been apart of Newham Generals for around 2 weeks.

What was it like being signed to the Dirty Stank label?
It was big man, it was all like a big learning curve and I learnt
a lot from being signed. It's like a different experience, like
before we was on road doing the usual spitting and people just
know your face, it was a different sort of thing. We were getting
interviews, we went on tour and it was like on a next level, it
was big!

So apart from Newham Generals, what other projects can we look out for?
For summer I want to put out a couple of House tunes, I've got
a few Drum & Bass tunes I'm working on. There's Trouble Shooters,
which is a label that me and family do, we kind of do Hip Hop,
R&B and what not and we have a mixtape coming out soon.

Who is apart of Trouble Shooters?
Me, Jakey, Jak man, F-ro, Charlee, Jon P, Sub Zero, my family
and close friends.

Would you say you're just a Grime Artist?
No no, see that's why I kind of felt I had to leave as well
because I don't just do Grime. The same time I was with
Generals,I was still doing stuff with Trouble Shooters
and I was still producing all types of music. So is like
it was working being in Newham Generals) but I do want to
do a lot more, so people can focus on me kind of thing.

What artists from the Grime scene are you feeling at the moment?
I don't really have no preferences really but I like...
No Lay, the way she spits but I don't really just check
for Grime, I like a lot of other things.

In a sentence, how would you sum up yourself as an Artist?
Musically talented.

Have you planned your next step? Or are you taking things as they come?
You always have to make plans for your future, but like
there's projects with House, Drum & Bass, Trouble Shooters
mixtape and I want to do my own personal mixtape and album.

Monkstar speaks out...
Don't get it twisted, there's no conflict and there's no bad
vibes or nothing. It's just me wanting to do my own thing,
big up to them man still!

monkstarleavingnewhamgenerals copy

Monkstar leaving Newham Generals with Logan right behind him.

Check out : www.myspace.com/monkstar


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