Friday, June 29, 2007

Wiley - Cargo, 21.06.07

Lethal B disguised himself with a pair of Glasses to check out what Wiley
had to offer.

It’s rare to see a night dedicated just to Grime music, even though it is
arguably the fiercest sound ever to beat out of the grubby streets of
which it was named after. Who better for the night to be in aid of than,
the godfather and one of the original creators of the sound, Wiley and
his newest album ‘Playtime Is Over’.

JME tries to count how many are in the crowd "1,2,3....600...."

Skepta in the middle of some funky moves.


Warming up the stage for Eskiboy were fellow Boy Better Know associates
Jme and Skepta, who confidently took a grip of the packed out crowd with
opening tracks ‘Boy Better Know and ‘Deadout’. As DJ Maximum mixed in
the intro piano beat to the garage hit ‘21 Seconds’, it literally took that amount
of time for Skepta to get the whole crowd bouncing off of Cargo’s walls with
every supporter simultaneously shouting ‘You, You Done know’.

Frisco is back with a bang.

Towels are making a come back...

Roll Deep’s Riko and Flow Dan also supplied the routine with a raving
striker’s kick over ‘Match Of The Day ’ and ‘Stageshow Riddim’ along
with leaving the crowds hands flying in a fanatical Mexican wave of gun
fingers. Temperatures had risen to gas mark 5 and so had anticipation
as the night had yet to begin.

I'm the E3 Tiger Tiger.



Some guy tried to whip out his fingers and blow a few shots at Wiley.

Wiley soon appeared and jumped straight into his first single devoted
to his album deal, ‘50/50’. Although his lack of interaction with the crowd
seemed puzzling in comparison with his opening act, though many put this
down to nerves but the heat did begin to chill. Maniac’s productions on
‘BOW E3’ edged fans out of their criticism and chucked them back on the
rollercoaster of its baseline. ‘My mistakes’ followed along with ‘Flyboy’,
until the crowds favourite ‘No Qualms’ fluttered from Cargo’s speakers,
but was cut short, as was ‘Gangsters’ and ‘Eski boy’ by his irritating hype
men, Levels and Manga, who seemed to think they were the headliners.

Who asked the Halifax guy to jump on stage.


Soon the stage was fluttering with some of Grime’s brightest talents as
Wiley passed the microphone around so everyone had their turn running
rings around the crowd, from Jammer’s ‘Murkle man’ to Cookie’s ‘Boy Boy’.
Although it was a highlight to see the Boy Better Know brother’s performing
a collection of their most popular tracks, along with an introduction to a more
spontaneous raving set, while still keeping the flow of energy potent
throughout. It was a powerful concoction of the underground scene’s finest
young emcees, although Boy Better Know’s Jme, Skepta and companion
Frisco secured the night from being a heavyweight treddin’ on thin ice.

Frisco and Cookie.

Levels taking Gender from behind...

C Gritz, Gully Ranger, Jammer and Blacks jump on stage.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    "Who asked the Halifax guy to jump on stage." - lol merkage. Rudeboi your blog is BIG. I was in the crowd... I'm that proper tall guy in the crowd with the bait beanhead behind the cat in the red cap. Keep writing, grime music needs this. Saaaafe.

  2. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Aight, correction, 'rudegyal' - just clocked it's Madame Frank. Don't watch. What's your myspace? - I'm not on a chirpsing ting still, but add me anyway, Your blog is jokes.

    PS: Biggest tune being played at the backs of the top decks of buses in East at the moment is Aftershock - Warning (Paul Flinn Remix). Big tune.

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM


  4. Thats me your calling lethal B in that picture you know! Lol. Nice blog though,



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