Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wiley - My Mistakes / Gangsters

Similar type of theme going on here like the one from 50/50. I still don't believe that the decision of choicing My Mistakes and 50/50 as the opening singles was the right thing.
Good effort though.

Winner of the competition has been notified and won themselves a copy of Sirens, Frisco's mixtape, Wiley Promotion stickers and poster. Which will all be hitting your door step in the next couple of days. Congratulations.

I've had the chance to actually hear Nasty Jack's mixtape and to be brutally honest its not too bad, theres one sick track called The Rain which features Griminal and Wretch aswell as Nasty Jack. I'm looking forward to getting the final copy, big up NJ's Manager though. (Still have no cd in my hand) I've also heard that Tempa T's mixtape is finished and should be hitting stores in the next month and half. Also Esco Bars is nearing completion, so any news I have you'll be the first to hear. My good old friend Skanking Kapone has got hold of Ghetto's new pre-album mixtape for his ears and apparently he tells me its a RWD thumbs up.


Also check out my feature on Goldielocks in the June edition of RWD Magazine or just go here.
Emma Warren interviewed Dizzee Rascal for the Culture Show with a little performance aswell, see that here. I've also heard that Ice kid is CEO of Eski - Beat Recordings and have set up a million pound studio in Icekid's parent's shed.

Bought my copies, did you!? Obviously as a Grime Album I prefered Wiley's but I'm still crying that Lemon's never made the final cut on Dizzee's. What did you all think?

Here's a little present... Wiley - Play With Fire


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