Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I went to Jammer’s launch party last Friday and I stood there mystified
when a certain emcee called Badness came out with several prejudice
remarks in several of his bars. I’ve supported this artist for quite a while,
even though he probably doesn’t even know who I am; I’ve recommended
him to a good few nights in and out of London. Although when someone
shouts in the middle of a rave “Chi-chi man fi dead, dead, Chi-chi man fi dead”
and people start cheering and flapping their gun fingers about… something
must be wrong!? Surely? Maybe the crowd had no clue of what he was saying
or maybe they did and thought it was a fun thing to say, yeah yeah great… kill
all the gay people, yeah that’s fun! I don’t care where he’s from or what
background he’s originated from something so ignorant, with lyrics saying
someone should die for a reason that doesn’t even concern him, shouldn’t be
even on that stage. Comparing his hate comments is exactly like say, Devlin
or Scratchy jumping on the mic and shouting “Muslim’s fi dead, dead, black
people fi dead, dead” or if Badness had swapped the chichi part for – white
people or English people ‘fi dead’. It would be deemed completely and utterly
outrageous and would most probably see them getting shot/ murdered soon
after. Is this some sort of reflection of the society that we live in that
homophobic lyrics can get reloads and people getting happy off of it? That
someone can just walk on stage scream extreme remarks just like Badness did
and walk off with cheers; surely we’re not living in Nazi Germany right now?
Grime as we know talks about violence in practically every bar but there’s a
time when things just go too far and there’s no justification for it. There’s no
oh that’s his ‘culture’ or ‘that’s what he believes’… or ‘other people say it too’
(Other people jump off bridges, would you do that too?), ‘In the bible it says
this….’ (Not too long ago the bible was used for excuses for all types of madness
and still is, what every happened to Love Thy Neighbour?). I’ve talked to a
number of people in the scene about this, most of them laugh or try and make
up some mad excuses to cover his back, but there’s no excusing it in my eyes.
The scene’s audience is predominantly young and easily influenced, ‘artists’ or
whatever they are calling themselves these days need to realise this and set an
example rather than using their power to push extreme views. Obviously
everyone has their own opinions and every one of you has the right to say and
voice what you feel just like I am right now but when you go out your way to
make a bar about it then damn you must have issues, maybe he is gay and in
a weird sense hating on it to make it less obvious? Grime’s audience is gradually
getting bigger and being heard by new ears, everyone has the right to enjoy it
without being told they should be hung from the nearest tree for their personal
private life. If you’ve got a mature comment to make please feel free to comment
on this topic, I’d like to know what the readers of this blog think. I for sure know
I want nothing to do with any sort of artist, It may just be music but I have my own
morals and won't let some mc stand in the way of my principles that everyone deserves
to be happy.

I'm going to do a Martin Luther King and boycott his dusty beard, Badness
is pure air in my eyes.


  1. Captain Nero10:04 AM

    Yo hyper i know its wrong to use homophobic lyrics and i dont condone it. But i think prsonally he didnt realise the implications of wot he was saying. Many grime artist do that like JME once said in his earlier lyrics 'U BATTY BOI/ who we are meridian crew/ chopping up MC's like hong kong fu.'

    Idont think JME, Badness or any other MC's say these things in order to cause offence, i guess its said without thought of the people that may be offended, if that makes sense, lol.

    Baddness is a swag MC anyways!!

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Well said.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I was there too and shocked/ disappointed when i heard him say it. good to hear people notice and speak out!

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    If you boycotted every mc with any kind of homophobic bars, you'll be left with 2 MC's to write about

    come off it

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    lol what a stupid post

    your favourite mc has bars bunning battys

    there are barely any mcs in the game without any homophobic bars

    lol @ comparing being homo to being black/ muslim that shows mad ignorance, being gay is a sin and goes against creation

    fuck you and your stupid ideas, its badmind to try and defame someone like that, why dont u put pictures of jme, skepta, jammer, wiley, riko etc instead of badness

    this is a ridiculous poorly thought through blog

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    you may feel strongly about the issue of homophobia but to use tired old comparisons like "what if he said white people instead" is not really an argument. grime is full of people speaking on issues like violence, crime etc but these people are artists and as artists, they're entitled to free speech. can you really condone or jusify 98% of emcee's talking about "skeng" what with the madness happening on road right now? i can't but what i can do is accept it in an individuals view being expressed through music. regardless of who it is or what genre they're involved with, a true artist never caters to an audience,their audience should and will find them. grime is getting bigger, but to censor it is doing nothing for the music or the scene.

  7. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Erm .. An opinion is an opinion really!

    If he ran onto the stage, ripped the mic from somebodies hand and shouted it at the top of his voice then SHAME ON HIM!

    However if we've learnt ANYTHING from the grime scene, it must be that any ignorant, uneducated dumbass can write a lyric, ask their bredrin to 'bring them', pick up a microphone and say whatever they like.

    If Badness is homophobic - so be it, the only thing i would criticise him about is his lack of awareness to the world we live in.

    Know your audience, everybody likes Grime. Don't go to a rap concert with a pointed white hood!

  8. Any cheap publicity stunt.

  9. Anonymous7:24 PM

    this post IS a well thought out one. If everyone stands back and keeps giving everyone a bligh for homophobic lyrics/comments then its never gonna stop.
    people are so ignorant and they have no idea whats goin on around them, at least hyperfrank is tryna voice her opinion and make the issue known.

  10. Anonymous8:36 PM


  11. Seen...

    Well maybe he just meant it in a way as in like a opposed to actually gay.

    liek there are people that go around n say

    oh ur so gay when they try to cuss someone, they dont actually mean you are a person who is attracted to other people of the same u know what i mean?

    like skepta had in his lyrics: your a batty boy, so theres a lot of things we cant agree on

    but i dont htink he actualy means that because ur gay .... etc...

    hes changed the bar now to "your a wasteman"

    and also if you see in risky roadz 2 in the dvd, skepta goes..."i went mobos the other day...n dat batty boy..." n den jme says shhhh n he goes "oh sorry sorry, WASTEMAN Craig from big brother"

    which evidently suggests they dont mean to cuss gay people, but just cuss people.

    Ask badness what he really meant by those bars, was it just any cuss of was it actually cause he hates gay people and if he would change his bars or whatever...n then if he says no boycott him or whatever

    safe, had to reply in a rush, quite busy

    Aza T.

  12. Dizzle5:01 PM

    Why are u the defender of the Batty Boy Scene are u batty and all your sad batty boy friends worried that they cant go to a dance and not be discriminated hooo

    u need need to stop worrying about dem and watch urself as a journo with no brains this is not the hottest subject yet u wanna claim fame from tryin to shut mans down... u cant dun out the ting. L.............arva

  13. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I can see what your getting at, but its unfair you single out Badness and nmot other MC's like Flowdan, Skepta, Riko, Wiley.

    Are you going to boycott them? i realise you wrote this in an impulsive response to the event, but what you wrote here would hold absolutely no weight if you didn't apply it across the board.

    I've been reading RWD forum and know your getting alot of stick for voicing your view, as much as you'd like to think society is tolerant, the person/people outside the "norm" will always be discriminated against.

    Eg the white person in a black community, the Emo in an urban setting & on the flipside, an urban kid in an Emo setting.

    I've more to say... but Big Brother is on (i swear that took away any valid points i might have made lol)

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  15. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Hyper you was doing well.

    But this aint too good.

    Grime is in a bad way, sadly it has never been in much of a good way.

  16. Anonymous10:21 PM

    i like men, an if anyone ever crossed the line sayin to my face that i should die i'd probly smash their face into pavements still. dats jus how it makes me feel.

  17. Anonymous10:37 PM

    "comparing being homo to being black/ muslim that shows mad ignorance, being gay is a sin and goes against creation"

    well Christians once used verses from the Bible to prove that black people were not HUMAN and therefore were to be used as SLAVES. Religious are the poeple who went on crusades to slew off other religions and theyre still starting wars todays over religion.

    Now considering that it's religion that says what a sin is, then the most sinful thing is religion. it's causing people to hate rather than love.

  18. CHEF KOOL FM10:59 PM


  19. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Your any chick!

    Your hype died as soon as you started this shit.

    Hopefully you crawl back under a rock along with Chantelle Fiddy (yeah i mentioned her and what!).

    How anyone can take you seriously i'll never know.

    If anyone who's new to the scene is reading this blog let it be known that you're NOT A TRURE REFLECTION OF GRIME FANS!

    Killa P.

    P.S. chi chi man fi dead!

  20. Melissa11:55 AM






    U KNO

  22. bravo Hyper
    these issues need to be picked up on and picked apart
    stay strong
    there's no room for cultural relativism on this issue: we all live in the same liberal society whether MCs like it or not. If they want to engage with the public they need to be answerable

  23. its a shame cos he's one of my favourite up-and-commers and i've banged his tunes on my radio show and out in clubs. But he is one of the only UK MCs whose homophobia seems pointed and specifically direct, rather than just using 'batty' as a generic insult. This isn't just casual homophobia, it's discrimination!


  25. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Fuck the left wing, open toe sandle, lintle sandwhich eating brigade.

    Your taking the piss out of our lives.

    This isn't your fucking scene, stop trying to put your own stamp on something you've never been a part of.

    Your just any hype chick begging for attention in the scene.

    Go and fuck JME.

  26. It's not 'left-wing' to think Badness went too far. Check yourself.

    So Killa P, yr fronting yr going to kill gay men as well then? Shall I tell the record-buying public this or do you want to?

    If Badness and Killa P are so strong in their beliefs about killing homosexuals, well go and put out a song like 'Boom Bye Bye' as a single and see how far you and the grime scene get. Right now. I fucking dare you.

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

  27. Mahta8:10 PM

    Firstly, yeah many mc's use derogatory terms like batty, chi chi etc but Badness saying what he said displayed a lot more ignorance than any mc using some throwaway term. Badness did more than that, he made a statement, "chi chi man fi DEAD"...if that isn't a ridiculously narrow minded comment then I don't know what is. I was at Dirty Canvas that night and to be honest what I witnessed was blatant discrimination...its bad enough to think something like that but to voice it is a whole other issue. True, people are entitled to freedom of speech but that doesn't mean we can all go around saying whatever the hell we want with no regards to anyone around us...surely even grime artists need to display a certain degree of diplomacy with their lyrics.
    Secondly, it's really worrying that some people think it's okay for Badness to say what he did but have a problem with Hyper expressing her views on it. Hyper can say whatever the hell she wants about the issue, it is her opinion after all and unlike Badness she's not making some stupid statement that displays blatant disregard and hatred.

  28. Captain Nero8:21 PM

    Well said!

  29. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I think some of the comments above do not constitute as constructive to the topic. Saying that, many before him (eg: Beenie man, TOK, Buju Banton & Capleton etc)have used the same said bar, so it seems unfair to start a campaign to ruin his career without giving the man a chance to redeem himself. I believe the grown up thing to do when you disapprove of someone's view so strongly is to confront them personally and express your viewpoint to them, possibly inciting a change in opinion.

    It's also worth questioning if people who committed homophobic murders were asked what kind of music they listen to, would many say grime. However, teenagers committing murders against their peers do cite grime as a genre that they listen to - therefore surely the Scorchers, Skepta's & Ghetto's etc of the scene should be boycotted following the same principle that the young & impressionable youths are listening to their talk of skengs and shanking?

  30. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Your hyping still, i don't hate gays but if you're so shocked by homophobic lyrics your listening to the wrong genre of music.

    Grime has had homophobic lyrics since its birth, maybe if you weren't a groupie that started listening to grime yesterday to upset your parents you would understand that such lyrics come with the territory, homophobic lyrics in grime are nearly as common as gun lyrics, maybe you just haven't been able to decipher them before. You seem to think homophobic lyrics are gonna lead to some sort of mass murdering of gays. Its not. You must think grime has some link to gun crime since you seem to find the music so influential, I mean the level of gun crime is rising by the day.

    If you're gonna boycott one artist over one phrase, I think you need to take a look at some other MC's you rate, such as black the ripper (who says 'bun out the chi chi' and 'I'll leave a red dot on your head like a p*ki') these are just as offensive so i think you need to leave the grime scene because there are a lot of ignorant controversial comments made in this genre we call 'GRIME'.

    Its all what make it so extreme

  31. Melissa11:53 PM

    and try and come up with somethign imaginative while ur at it

  32. Melissa12:01 AM

    LOL i just spelt something wrong HAHAHAHA seriously tho ur being pathetic sounds to me more like u need to get ur dick sucked u keep banging on about it so much....

    incidentally I get on with Badness u can ask him about me and whether i know what's going on. i dont agree with that picture either but the way ur going on is just total hypocrisy. u dont intimidate me u just sound insecure.

  33. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Big up everyone deading this girls career.

    Killa P

  34. Some of the ignorance displayed in the responses to this blog make me ashamed to be associated with some of you.

    Emancipate your brains from such knuckle-dragging ways of thinking.

    And while I will say it is slackness on anyones part who supports and promotes an artist when they haven't even bothered to listen to any of their bars (Kill battyboy was clearly evident in the first tune Badness ever put out 'Dem Dem') taking offence at an MCs lyrics is entirely within anyone's rights who listens.

    I am afraid "Fuck off out of our scene then" is not a response anyone will accept as this music gets more widespread. There are many authorities who will lock down this music for whatever slender reasons they can conjur up. Lyrics like these WILL be used against the Grime scene, I can guarantee it.

  35. Escobar2:18 PM

    Logan how did i know you'd come on here and start chatting shit as usual. If were completly honest your not even that well regarded by the core fans of this music, who have been around much longer then you. Believe it.

    We can if we want to keep this music to ourselves Logan. There's loads of sub-cultures out there that keep their corness of whatever it is they do to themselves, its' not a bad thing to tell someone to "get the fuck out of our scene"

    Because at the end of the day its OUR scene Logan we're the ones the built this shit from scratch. You can't come on here and tell us how to think nither can hyperfrank, she probably has the least credibility to say anything.

    Grime is for the people by the people.

  36. Anonymous4:38 PM

    This topic is gettin heated!!.....NASA

  37. Anonymous8:45 PM

    don't use the old ignorant argument that the Bible got used to say blacks weren't human, the only people who used it to say that were ones who completely twisted words to suit what they wanted whereas the words about homosexuals/sodomites are clear, they don't need to be twisted to say homosexuality is wrong. you don't even need the Bible to tell you that you just need to have some basic morals. Badness is entitled to his beliefs as much as you are entitled to your warped beleifs

  38. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Hyper you like to preach your liberal views to everyone but before you start lecturing everyone you should improve you English skills especially because you aspire to be seen as a serious journalist. Childish errors like confusing acceptable and exceptable; and spelling plumb without a B on the end are just ignorance.

  39. Anonymous10:23 PM


    Ur right, but you went about it in the wrong way.

    You need to write about the scene, not try and dictate it. Your getting too big for your boots too soon.

    I know its hard being a girl in this scene, but this time its not about this.

    I dont think your career is deaded, but I would re write the thread.

  40. Anonymous1:48 AM

    True stories your career is dead.

  41. Anonymous1:48 AM

    any gash with a laptop. ygm? ang tite logan though. man has got 2 brains me swear. and his willy is larvaaaaa

  42. Anonymous2:30 PM

    The bible isnt an authority on fuck all, it was written by HUMANS, not god. Why do you think they call it Matthew Mark/ Luke/ John's gospel. These people had all the bad sides to them that everyone else has, hence the bible containing so much shit. You cant base your argument on that book, be sensible people.

    Why cant people just honestly say, "i dont like the idea of gay sex", which as a heterosexual you're never going to come across or participate in anyway. After all, they're only 'harming' themselves. Just because you dont like something doesnt mean it needs to be stopped or that gays they should be killed, although I very much doubt any grime MC including Badness has meant that literally.

    And what's this talk about Logan being new to the scene. Why, cos he didnt go to Jungle Raves back in the day, which includes anyone younger than 27 (half the grime audience)? Or because Logan DJed grime from the beginning but not on your local radio station therefore he didnt exist back then?

  43. if a girl shows some interest in the scene she gets labelled as a groupie, sket, any gash with a lappie etc...

    result of which is no girls come to your raves.

    result of which is you boys end up spending friday night in a room with a higher fraction of sweaty men than any gay disco.

    result of which is you start falling over each other to tell everyone you are not a batt.

    if you call a MC a batty, when he thinks he's doing a lot or when he's always chatting crap about his nonexistent hourly gash, its funny. If you say "i seriously want to kill you, cos i'm not comfortable and confident within my self" it's not funny, it makes you look like a weak little prick.

  44. Anonymous11:56 PM

    People are makin this about deading this chick's career when all she was tryna do was raise a little awareness on an issue she feel's strongly about. Although it wasn't right to target Badness exclusively, it just so happens that the phrase he spat was hateful and ignorant.
    An artist shouldn't have to emulate another artist's or genre's 'values' to gain respect, therefore saying that dancehall artists say it all the time is irrelevant.

    The poster above was on point really

  45. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Hey Hyper
    Its Denise, wow 44 comments peoples really have an opinion
    You are totally entitled to your opinion, and so are the other people who have commented.
    My view, grime is never ever gonna make it commercially, so this guy's homophobic lyrics has just nailed another nail in the coffin..
    But the way peoples are saying about how your career is "dead" etc, WTF you all talking about, Hyper will be here long after grime has finally died a death

    *waits for all the hater comments*

  46. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Ditto, ditto, ditto...get off your high horse for once and yeah, improve your english.

  47. Anonymous11:47 AM


    Peeps are certainly voicing opinions

    ANYBODY that thinks that you can get away with threatening any racial/cultural/sexual demographic

    is a FUCKING IDIOT and doesn't deserve to voice an opinion, let alone be on a stage!

    U kids on a hype ting need to fix up and take a long look at where ur homophobia stems from.

    Or u too shook in case u see something u don't like?

    Fools the lot of u / badness included

  48. Anonymous1:38 PM

    what a hipocritical article

  49. Anonymous5:06 PM

    He's not the only MC with ''homophobic lyrics'' you fassi. Lyrics like that have been doing the rounds for years, ofcourse the audience knew what he was saying, that's why they went nuts.

    Grime isn't for you and it isn't for gay people obviously, like Punk rock aint for niggas

  50. Oi denise and all you other outsiders need to get the fuck out of here about Grime wont make it commercially.

    Bloody your allowed to have an opinion but when you chat shit like that you should have to apply for an opinion card, i swear down.

    The amount of bullshit thats been said on here makes me wonder who's really in control of OUR music.

    Is it these no mark journalist with too much free time on their hands?

    Is it these stupid chicks that bandwagon a scene/music they clearly don't understand, evidence being this thread?

    Or is it the poor representation of TRUE Grime that we get with Logan Sama's 'Im a newbie to Grime help me' show!!???!!!

    What a bunch of piss.

    Anyone that chats shit about certain MC's being homophobic hasn't been listening to the music. MC's like Badness have been around for time it was ever worse back then.

    But OBV with the liberal society we live in things have changed, homo's are allowed to get married in a Church for godness sake.

    Religious or not the Bible the book that Christians go by condems GAYS but for some reason they're allowed to get married in a church. What logic?

    Hyper is just pointing out the fucking obvious why not go down the route of condeming MC's who use lyrics about guns, drugs and sex? Doesn't that offend people more, Hyper you took the fucking piss i swear down, how you can have a platform to say anything is beyond me.

    I won't let go of my ideal view of Grime and i'll keep that to myself and people that want to know.

    All you liberal minded people can keep your Lethal B's and Logan Sama.


    The General.

    *fuck the spelling mistakes*

  51. i think fanaticism is a sickness
    instead of enjoying the party, that guy thinks that he'll be more what? cool or what saying or thinking like that?
    unfortunately, there are people like he in the entire world
    im from argentina and that atittude also is seen.

    its difficult to say everything that i think, coz im not so good with english
    but hope u can understand what i've tried to say


  52. Anonymous8:40 PM

    ''An artist shouldn't have to emulate another artist's or genre's 'values' to gain respect, therefore saying that dancehall artists say it all the time is irrelevant.''

    In response to this - they should't have to, but they do. Plus this view is a reflection on what some members of several communities think, not just members of the dancehall genre.

    I have heard another grime artist from the Midlands spit the same bar - followed by 'bowcats fi dead' and I didn't see everyone who sucks pussy on a sly running out of the dance in horror and fear of getting slaughtered.

    People who come to grime events should know what to expect and can't take everything so literally.

    On a real - the comment the credabove about grammar mistakes is on point. I like the blog but to me simple mistakes spoil the credibility of Hyperfrank as a writer.

  53. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Before you (hyper) try and boycott any mc you should look at the artists you promote on your blog on the regular, homophobia is clearly not the only issue that needs to be addressed within the grime scene, and to isolate and target badness was unprofessional and makes it look like it was a personal attack.

    You can't just decide that grime needs to have ethics in a certain area when artists that you promote are talking about things that are actually having a bearing on the younger generation. Positive artists to promote however are far and few between, and you choose to focus on and promote artists such as Tempa T rather than conscious lyricists such as Purple who are a credit to the scene, and often slept on because the lifestyle he chooses to promote is seen as unglamorous.

    Speaking as a homosexual, i feel that gay people sometimes take things far too seriously, and place homophobia above everything else going on in the world. Its really not that serious, a lot of you straight guys probably have a dl homo friend that you have no idea about, and if you did find out..would you really consider killing them? Badness himself probably wouldn't. People are full of talk..and thats all it

    Although i do respect the fact that someone actually cares about this issue, I feel that it was addressed in the wrong way. As a journalist you should be able to control your personal feelings to the extent that you put across your opinion with valid justification.

  54. Anonymous7:16 AM

    to the breh who said that anyone with any morals would know that being gay is wrong - anyone with brains would know that no one is biologically incapable of producing a gay child.

    Gay people are not a minority! they are PART OF THE majority! We just seem to get turfed about alot.

    It pains me to hear hateful comments from one bruva to another, especially when there is a REAL issue. it's not just talk, people are being killed for being gay - fact.

    You fuckers wont ever break me. i've been too clued up from a yung age.

    and to the wassssteman sayin dat grime aint for gay people, u dont kno dat gay people produce, DJ, MC and promote grime? DUUUUUUUUMB

  55. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I was there at Jammers launch party, and it never really occurred to me the real significance of what he said , until i looked over n saw two Gay's lookin a lil uncomfortable to say the least. I don't condone being gay people can do what the f*** they want as long as they dont try a ting with me, But when I saw those two guys at jammers launch party I felt a bit raw, and refrained from conforming to putting my gunfinger in the air like every other goon. really n truly its a bit raw if you have got gay people interested in grime and there slated by people that they pay to come and see. Also until this blog i didnt even know that his name was 'Badness', id never heard or recognised him before, and to be oynest one seriously swag MC is gainin alot of face from this!

  56. Anonymous12:25 AM


  57. Anonymous5:29 PM

    badness is air

  58. Anonymous8:57 PM

    If this swag idiot Badness wants to talk like a yardy gangster then whatever, maybe he'll get his wish and get cut up and put in a bin by a Russian like a real one. To me he's obviously just a stupid kid, idolizing a particular Jamaican gangster mentality that he's not and would never wanna be.
    Yardys don't get up on stage with a microphone, because they can't. I don't see the man dem at raves, I see a load of dumb kids hoping for some credibility. In response to Black the Ripper's racist remarks, it shouldn't worry anyone, except that he's part of the reason it's so hard for black youngers to get good jobs. If anyone actually has got a skeng they should get kill these ignorant mcs at raves, thereby improving the music scene and improving the public image of young black men in London, which is languishing somewhere below ticket inspectors and tramps.
    To all those people, who are saying 'I was here first, grime is my scene', sorry I didn't realise your name was Wiley. Wiley should put an end to grime, it's been destroyed by these talentless kids. Mixtapes and radio are just swag in every way. I know grime is so gully and therefore cool.
    Also anyone has the stupidity to talk about people being left wing, obviously thinks it's wicked that Titch is Jim Crow doing 30 years, no parole as an example, when the norm is now ten years with parole after five years.
    PS. Before you waste your time, I'm not gonna argue with anyone who believes in an old book which directly contradicts itself over 10,000 times, if you were a scholar of the Bible you'd know it can't be true. Besides, why should things be more significant or holy just because they are really really old? I bet your grandad's thick as shit, so what does that prove?

  59. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Ok then, WHATEVER!
    "Yardys don't get up on stage with a microphone, because they can't"
    WHAT! What the hell does that mean? do you even know what 'yardie' means?
    I dont think people would even bother argue with this, cus its complete crap! (Apart from the bit about wiley)

  60. Anonymous3:17 AM

    low it

    not gay but know real need to cuss gays? any1 under 18 shouldnt be sayin thatuntil they know enough about gays from both sides.

    but its grime he can spit what he wants hes shit anyway.

  61. I think this post is spot on! Whether it is due to his belief or background there's no room for ignorant or bigamist views that alienate people. Zero tolerance for that sort of thing regardless who it's coming from. Be diplomatic. I've got respect for the artist but have some consideration.

  62. Anonymous3:29 PM

    What a stupid bitch, get the fuck outta grime if you don't like it whore!!

  63. Anonymous5:14 AM

    r.i.p. ure career

    its cultural imperialism what youre doin, cenzoring mch ans expression cause it doesnt fit in ure anglophile worldview.

    ice t said it long time ago
    "freedom of speech,just watch u say"

    hold tight badness and killa p

    anticipating the cemetary warriors tape ,as well as killa instinct vol 3, and please more baddaman gun tunes on that then on the last one

    i rate logan for puttin in work but come off ure high horse

    battymen keep sabotaging dancehall worldwide,like how elephant man tour got shut down cause of protests in germany..

    stop badmind the youth
    ure messing with peoples livelihood
    jsut so u can be a hip journalist reporting from the frontlines of a random subculture to ure plain jane girlfriends at uni?

  64. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Thank you ;-) look at this emo boy one over this blog:

  65. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Bigamist views, eh? Bigoted being the word I assume you mean.

    @Hyper - grow the fuck up, middle class girls don't tell the grime scene what we can and can't say. Don't rate Badness highly but big up him for saying what he thinks. Freedom of speech as long as we say what the middle class cool kids want? FUCK THAT. Also, paragraphs are generally pretty cool

  66. Anonymous8:39 AM

    How r u? your website is cute
    Take a look at that funny emo song:

  67. (Sorry about exhuming a ~3 year old post but this is still relevant)

    LOL at some of these responses:
    1. "censorship" and criticising an artist's and scene's choice of vocab aren't the same thing. If you wanna know censorship, check out North Korea or China you daft fucks, homosexuality ain't big down those ends so you'd probably enjoy it.
    2. the rampant mysogyny/patriarchy in some of these comments (i.e. the ones putting Hyperfrank down for her gender) are the reason why girls in raves are scarce and why tunes like "Too Many Man" get made.

    Totally against homophobia myself, but targetting one artist for promulgating such values doesn't hold weight; unless JME's "batty boy, if you had sense..." (one example in a sea of others) is somehow exempt from criticism? I guess Badness' recent declaration that grime has nothing positive to say has to come to make this rather ironic/tragic/pathetic, tho.

    Not gay so I obviously can't find personal offense in this stuff; what I will say though is that any so-called "MC" that stoops to such bullshit achieves nothing but the following:
    a) revelation of their own personal weakness. It's homoPHOBIA for a reason: it's rooted in fear just like all of the others.
    b) even further limiting grime's chance of getting big. Whether it's already bigoted authorities wanting to clamp down or ordinary listeners just not appreciating this idiocy.


    PS: fuck Killa P, there's a good reason Goodz didn't reply to any of your "sends" last year you utter waste.


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