Monday, October 08, 2007

a cup of cocoa and pack of digestives.

So while everyone, their mother and their next door neighbour's dog is making blogs, i've been getting back to the swing of things at university. I've been listening and popping cds in my cd player like pills and theres so much crap out. Scorcher's Thunder Power was all thunder and no lights camera action. Except for Revolver's Rest In Peace which is the only thing on there that isn't beggin uk hiphop or what we've already heard before. Even though Revolver is a total wank stain it still is an addictive song in the strangest way.

Remember what I was talking about here well I was told by a certain manager that there would be a BBK Vs Movement Clash tonight (8th October) but as I hear a certain 2 mcs weren't exactly on it because of some issues of scaredom or something or other. But instead I was informed by a source (big up National Enquirer) that Ghetto will be holding a birthday set tomorow (bloody better be now im bloggin this) with a few special guests. As soon as I get the details i'll get blogalicious.

I've heard some news about Freedom of Speech, that it will be released late december or early january and Devlin's will be dropped near enough a week after. Bud, Sweat and Beers is looking good, I've heard some new material it's dark and angry (just the way we like him).

My 27 year old sister called me up the other week and asked me did I know of someone called Kano, she got so excited she tried to tell me about how much she loves 'Ps & Qs'. Life couldn't be more f*cking random. Next ill pop round my nans and she'll be rocking a Boy Better Know Tshirt rolling in her new BMW asking me If I can shot crack for her. The only rock my nan will ever be moving is rock cakes (or scones from flo - big up flo with the purple hair)

I've got some new free free freeeestyles that I'm going to start adding to the site in a hot minute for the franky readers, from unknowns to the high rollers i'll keep it dandy.

Rattus Rattus that cd/mixtape you gave me that looked like a cd vinyl, well I just literally listened to it - I love - I love - get back to me and let me know if I can upload it for the people.

and before I go....

Prancehall you're one funny guy...
I'll stick with my kung fu style and nose ring.


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    hyper, have you had a listen to little dee's mixtape?

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM


  3. Captain Nero9:25 PM

    yes franky trust u to keep me updated (:

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Hyper's obviously referring to "it'd be like Wiley clashing Sniper E", Prancer.


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