Tuesday, October 09, 2007

F*cking f*ck off you pathetic speng head of a radio

Here's Ghetto's Birthday set for you all to download:

F*ck Radio - (Sendspace) (Rapidshare)

The video footage of this will be available on the re-release of Ghetto Gospel when it hits HMV with it's bonus dvd.


  1. when will the rapidshare link be up, as sendspace does not work 4 me. thanks 4 upping it enywaiz nuff appreciation.

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    weres the rapdishare link

    sendspace is boog

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Hyperfrank, do you know the name of the beat from around 49.58 to 51.01?

  4. yournameischohiro2:11 PM

    that chune is baaad.

    i wana know too.

    is there a tracklist lol.


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