Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strawberry, Blackcurrent, Apple...


Jam Jam Jam. I remember interviewing Jammer around early 07 times for B&S where he said " A lot is happening in the next couple of months" which as usual never happens but since I forgot to upload it here I thought I'd follow up with some info (since the transcript has gone running). Hot Headz Promotion are working on releasing the unseen footage from Lord of the Mics 1 & 2 which will feature the most famous never before seen moment of when inspiration came upon Jammer & the other Hot Headz team to start the series, with the clash - Jammer Vs Crazy Titch. Now he also went on to talk about his new track Sweetie pie which at the time of the interview was never even heard of - So I was excited. There was a video being shot and all sorts he even said it could push as much as Murkle Man. I was excited. Although as the months went by it was obvious that the feedback wasn't positive so i'm presuming that idea fell through. However his Top Producer Album which he has been working on over the last couple of years should be hot merchandise. Especially if D Double and Esco are on it. Anyone with any further information on this album especially a dropping date. Hit me up.


This Picture just looks too random for my liking - P*ssing in the crowd!?
Or flashing is member? I kid you not.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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