Saturday, December 08, 2007

One Love for the mothers cry... One love blah blah blah (Can't remember the rest)

Bashy with some little boys

This isn't the reconstruction of Mercston's underage shenanigans it's actually a shot from Bashy's Black Boys Remix. The Remix which will feature over 20 people and will run at over 22minutes long (not too long then). Along with the original UK Hiphop and Grime mc's verses that some of you may already have heard, Skinny man, No Lay and Skepta have wrote exclusive new verses for the track especially for the video.

Skepta & Bashy doing a duet of Blue's - One Love

The video will be dropping in early January on most video channels (although I'm not too sure what station will let a whole 22minute video run unless it's Michael Jackson - will the video have an edit?). Along with that apparently they will also be releasing a special edition Black Boys DVD box set released on 11th February 2008 featuring the full length video, exclusive pics, behind the scene’s footage, freestyles, all the remix’s and much, much more (apparently).


  1. Bashy7:41 PM


  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    bashy has flopped his career with this song.

    No one wants to buy into bashy now because he kicks the shit out of old white people. what a cunt.

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    all tyt bashy i like ur track black boys plus da remix is hot fam dem manz leeds love it.i will like to have a t shirt of black boys style
    do u want to addy me on,

  4. Anonymous12:07 PM

    bashy ur peng buff and sxc boi if i saw u on road i would look n watch n after abt 10 minutes i would cum n step 2 u still loooool
    even dou i dnt knw u n ting i still love ya
    keep doin wat u doin cuz ur doin big
    n whenever u need a dancer in ur video
    holla at me yh :D
    get bk 2 me plz make a blk gal happy hehheh
    frm cherrelle sl1

  5. cherrelle ( love u bashy)12:08 PM

    the comment above is frm me cherrelle :D :D not ANONYMOUS i aint doin bobby.V

  6. Anonymous7:32 PM

    lol ill laugh if thts actually bashy


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