Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Over proof, I'm the truth, my bars are so cold that my tongue gets stuck to my tooth. So I take off my ice and rock chinchila in the booth...

Tinchy laughing at the fact his album sales came out better than the boy behind him's tooth surgery. It looks like more than his tongue got stuck to his tooth. (>insert more bad dental care jokes<) Don't forget to book your tickets for next wednesday's Tinchy Stryder Live at the Islington Academy over here.

No Lay & Ghetto (*falls asleep till Freedom of Speech is released*)

Hows life people? mines busy busy busy like a rat in a trumpet I'm doing some weekly news slot (only 20mins) every week on Pyro Radio just giving the updates of the scene, raves, videos, interviews, new up and coming music/mixtapes and some of my favourite music of that week. If anyone's bothered i'll post up the times when it airs - I think it's possibly before Mac 10's slot on friday which is 7 till 9.

7th December - 93 Feet East

Come along chaps and chapettes, anything Urban Nerd is always brapalicious.

Jammer, C Gritz, Badness & Double o - Its Alot

Now I've had issues with Badness and a good few other artists publicly on this blog. However I'm not one to give recognition to someone who doesn't deserve it especially to one or two people who save a track from completely flopping. Jammer & Badness easily shine in this track (especially as theres no homophobia in sight *puts a fake grin on with a big thumbs up*) even when the production sounds so basic and poor. From this video another thing is proven - Double O's flow is certainly not Alot. I heard there is also a launch party for It's Alot Tshirts at Stratford Rex. Yes people! they are now using any excuse for a party. Next it will be - Switching on a light Launch Party @ the Bulb next to the lamp shade station.


  1. yo thats my pic from leeds carnival you got there! where's the love?

  2. Whats your full name Mr Alistair - ill put a link up aswell. I do usually give credit but never knew your details....

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    jammer and no lay are shit.

    people aint gonna buy thier shit

    Grime is dead/

  4. hey madame frank

    thanks for getting back to me - if you could just credit 1Xtra and link to http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra that'd be great cos i work for them and thats where that pic also lives. and if you wanna let me know your email address then i can maybe try and drop some more photos and videos your way in future. real nice blog btw.

  5. Bristol manz8:53 PM

    lool 1 of the shittest grime chune ever


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