Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My names Wiley and I'm from Walthamstow E17.... Just doesn't have that same ring to it does it?

What a bunch of rubbish.
50/50 and some waste badman a talking!? What about Bow E3?
the sickest song on Playtime Is Over. Common Sense Big Dada, Common Sense!

Anyway, Playtime is Over is out on Monday 4th June along with Dizzee Rascals Maths and English. I've got a couple things for you fabulous people, nothing too grand but eyyy... Beggars can't be choosers.


I've got Dizzee's new Single Sirens which also has the B side of Dean on it (I love that track) I've also got hold of about a billion and one promotional Wiley 'Playtime is Over' gold, silver and bronze stickers (WOW!). I also have a load of sexy posters which i'm gonna give away along with my favourite mixtape so far this year, Frisco's Back To The Lab Volume 2 (which I bought just for the competition). All I have to do is think of a bloody Question.



Who photographed the imagery for Dizzee Rascal's Sirens Cover?

Email me (hyperlovesit@hotmail.com) or leave a comment.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nu Rave takes on Grime

I prefer this version... Big up the Coconut Twins

Is this how the young ones clash these days?

Big up
Hoxton G (RWD FORUM)

About Grime's Dead..... You WASTE MAN


Sunday 27th May - 1pm till 5am
Nottingham - £20 in advance
Grime - Frisco, Magic, Boy Better Know, Jammer and Kano
Age - 14+


Monday 28th May -7.00 - 9.30pm
London - Free Entry (WOW)
Grime - Jme
Age - 12 to 25


Thursday 31st May - 10pm till 3am
Watford - £6 before 11pm
Grime - DJ Logan Sama, Wiley, Skepta, Jme
Age - 18+


Friday 1st June - 5pm till 1am
London (93 Feet East) - £5
Grime - Skepta, Jme, Maximum, wasteman Plan B (Grime ain't dead you BATTY)
heard Wiley is going to this, maybe!?
Age - 18+


Sunday 10th June - 2pm till Midnight
The Dome, opposite Tuffnell park Station - £8
Grime - Logan Sama, Tinchy Stryder and Jme
Age - Everyone over 18 and UNDER! Just wear a hoodie

Bashy Featuring Scorcher and Narstie - Big Love

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You can borrow my moustache wax strips, it's nothing long

I know it must be alot of pressure being on a label but surely exposing your whole life story while on tour with Gwen Stefani. Then walking off after only performing 2songs isn't the professional attitude you should have, signed to Jay Z

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Most people have heard about some random things happening at the weekend's Sidewinder. I've actually discovered the videos which people uploaded to the net, But i'm going to choice to
not put them on here. Yeah you can argue i've put other dubs and other things on here, but for the sake of Grime and the only real decent rave that travels around the country shouldn't have its name sh*tted on. So I will allow it. I would even give you a link to where it is but I'd rather concentrate on finding out where Dizzee got his hoodie from (in the pic below), Big up AZA -T.

Big up that crew though, your chance of getting booked again is around the time President T release's his mixtape.

Neway.... watch this.... It's important that you don't stop watchin till Skepta starts...
sounds like some mad moped sounds... HUUTTTT GOOOGOOOO NOOOO NOOO SHOOO SHOO

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Everytime we argued it would get out of hand, she would try and beat me up like she was Jackie Chan

I wonder where Skepta's inspiration for them fur hats came from!?

DSCF3493small copy

This Week: Every music lover has their favourite artist who got them into the sound. Where Grime is concerned, it's usually Lethal B, Wiley or Dizzee. In my case it was Dizzee and just the other day I had the chance to meet him, of course I jumped at the chance. Now I expected some rude skinny boy to screwface me (which I would of been happy with, COME ON its DIZZEE) and then go about with the interview he was scheduled to do. I was completely wrong, since this grown man, a face full of smiles approached me shaking my hand (Don't have a sex wee, I know you are all jealous, i'll put my hand on ebay.. starting bits £50!?). I was even lucky enough to sit in on the interview ask him a couple questions about the current Grime scene and all that Jazz, which all he seemed to be interested in saying was yeah NEWHAM GENERALS... yeah Newham Generals. I also tried to ask him when is the album coming out for Newham G's, he said soon! President T soon? or Riko soon? "soon". Oh and apparently D double E is releasing a solo project aswell. but I swear I heard about that like 2years ago but anyway.

I was p*ssed he didn't show his man boobs... I wanted to hold them in my palm and compare them to Jordans. Guess i'll just have to do Marcus Nasty's breasts.


Camera crew love it these days.

This is a quick bit of footage I took at Frisco's launch party with Jamakabi (Remember him, no he didn't die, he's actually alive somewhere) and JME. If you check the video, it's bait who's lost their hype and should give it up.

Random Impulse, Chipmunk, Rinser, Cookie and Black the Ripper, in Glasgow.

This is the footage I took when I went to Scotland last year (It took me years to edit because YOUTUBE is a wastecadet and has a 100mb limit). Enjoy...

DSCF3503small copy

I also experimented with suicide just the other day at the video shoot of Lethal B's new single "Bizzle Bizzle". Big up the director though, Mo. Big movements on Albert Square.

DSCF3502small copy

Some waste man stole my bike chain, knew I should of got insurance for it.

DSCF3508small copy

People love to over dress for Lidl job interviews.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dirty Canvas Tonight (5th May 2007)


My sexy husband Logan will be there slapping Cameo's sly self on the deckles.
Is anyone else excited about hearing Nasty Jack's Pimp on Flows waste mixtape?

No!? me either. I will be the girl outside when Nasty Jack touches mic, along with the
rest of the people who love Grime.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Scorcher - Leader of the new school

Photography - Laura 'Hyperfrank' Brosnan
You know my photography murks any amature. I'll do a shoot for £35 its nothing.

So the only criticism from most Grime lovers is that this mixtape has too much hiphop on it. It has got too much Hiphop on it and I do love hearing as much Grime as possible. Although saying that, I really enjoyed it, looking at it for the actually music rather than hating because he chose to do more Hiphop. Theres mad amounts of bangers on there, and that Repping LDN track with D double E, Sincere... I'm over loving at the moment.


Stay down the road
Repping ldn (BANGER)
You dont know me
Walk with the metal
I trap
Check my swag
Red light
Before i fly
Keep on moving
Line up
Final chapter
Jail house

He does do UK Grimey Hiphop really well.
Check out his myspace and decide for yourself:



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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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